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Dr. Sanjit Singh – Regular Dental Checkups Smile Designing

Watch Dr. Sanjit Singh, Consultant Dental surgeon, Max Super Speciality hospital, New Delhi talks about the smile designing in a matter of about two weeks. He encourages regular cleaning of teeth, flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day.

The main causes of tooth sensitivity include:
1) Tooth grinding – this is that one bad habit that eventually leads to the destruction of the strongest element of our body – the enamel, thereby exposing dentin.
2) Whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes – the chemicals in whitening toothpastes are corrosive in nature and cause the depletion of enamel. Certain mouthwashes that use alcohol are responsible for the same.
3) Improper brushing – when we brush our teeth vigorously, we cause the wearing down of enamel making it more prone to hot and cold substances.
4) Excessive plaque – the germ build up around teeth causes plaque which in turn eats away the enamel.
5) Cracked tooth – a cracked tooth exposes more than just dentin causing excessive pain.
6) Broken down fillings – weak or broken fillings leave gaps in the tooth where food gets stuck, attracting bacteria which attack the enamel.
7) Dental treatment – treatments such as a root canal, an extraction or placement of a crown leave the area sensitive; though this sensitivity is short-lived.
8) Acidic food – areas where the dentin has already been exposed are more prone to acids causing much more pain.

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