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Dr. Sreeja De – Common Mental Disorders

Watch Dr. Sreeja De, Clinical psychologist, Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi speak about dealing with common and not so common mental problems. She caters to both students to older people with issues like acedemic problems, social skills, etc.

Mental illnesses are classified as psychiatric conditions, a term used to describe a wide range of mental and emotional conditions. They can also refer to a few mental impairments, differentiating them from other similar impairments like mental retardation, learning disabilities and organic brain damage.

People can experience a single mental illness over a period of many years. The intensity, type, and duration of its symptoms will obviously differ from person to person. There is nothing constant about them and they do not necessarily follow a regular pattern. This makes it difficult for doctors to predict when the symptoms will flare-up again, even after treatment and recommendations by professionals.

Most of the times, the symptoms of mental illness are controlled via medication and/or psychotherapy. For some people, the symptoms may go into remission, while for others; their mental illness may cause periodic episodes which require treatment. As a result of this, some patients might require no support whatsoever, while some may need occasional support, and others still require more substantial support to maintain their normal productivity.

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