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Dr. Varun Gogia Talks About His Expertise in Retina and Uvea

Dr. Varun Gogia talks about his expertise in the treatment of common Retina and Uvea disorders. He briefs the advancements in Opthalmology department.

A very important sensory organ of the body is the eye. It is essential to keep this organ healthy to lead a meaningful life. ‘Uveitis’ is an eye problem that is pretty frequent with people. In this medical condition the black part of the eye faces constant irritation. The initial symptoms of this illness are redness of the eye, blurred vision and a burning sensation. Although this condition is easy to cure through some ancillary medication prescribed by the doctor, if it is not taken care of for a long period of time it can result in more problematic and serious eye problems like cataract.
A very simple definition of ‘Uveitis’, to easily understand the meaning of the term is Inflammed Uvea which actually is the middle layer of the eye. This inflammation leads to the irritation, swelling or the redness of the eye.
The middle layer of the eye which is called the Uvea is made of a total of three parts. The ‘Iris’ is the first part. It is the coloured ring of tissue which forms the black of the eye. In the centre of the iris is a dark colour circle which is called the pupil. The second part is the ciliary body and the third is the choroid which is located behind the iris and is thus invisible to us. The retina and the sclera form the white part of the eye.

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