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effects of wearing contact lens everyday

Around 800,000 People Are Using Contact Lenses. What Are The Side Effects of Wearing Contact Lens?

In the 1990s, there were 150,000 contact lens users in India, which has increased to 800,000 users now. This figure is increasing at least 15-20% every year. But most of them are not aware of the effects of wearing contact lens everyday. So let us discuss the side effects of using contact lens.

Buying your first set of contact lenses is an amazing upgrade for your eyes. You can see the world more clear by just popping them in and getting rid of heavy glasses as well. They are easy to use and let you perform many tasks that might not be possible with eyeglasses, like traveling, exercising, etc.

Side Effects of Wearing Contact Lens Everyday

Along with many benefits, there are certain side effects as well. Here are some of them:

1. Dry Eye

Continuous use of contact lenses can reduce the moisture of eyes, as they absorb moisture to keep itself soft. Lack of moisture in the eye can lead to many eye disorders such as dry eye syndrome. This can cause itching, burning sensation and redness in the eye. If the eyes are too dry, it can also lead to scarring of the cornea, which can be extremely painful.

To avoid such symptoms, doctors generally suggest using eye drops to lubricate the eyes and avoid irritation.

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2. Red Eye Or Conjunctivitis

The risk of conjunctivitis is high if you wear contact lenses for long hours or overnight. As mentioned above, contact lenses absorb moisture to keep itself soft. If you use the lenses overnight, they act as a potential breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Also, it resists the supply of oxygen to the cornea and the body is not able to fight off an infection caused by bacteria or viruses.

The most common type of Conjunctivitis is GPC- Giant papillary conjunctivitis.

Note: Never forget to remove your lenses before going to bed.

3. Cornia Ulcer

Cornia Ulcer is one of the painful side effects of using contact lenses. Usually, this disorder begins when an open sore caused by fungi, bacteria, parasite infection or viruses is formed in the eye’s cornea. This can lead to permanent blindness if left untreated.

Other than a corneal transplant, there is no treatment available for this disorder.

4. Diminished Corneal Reflex

Effects of wearing contact lens everyday also include Diminished Cornia Reflex. Cornia reflex is a mechanism by which the brain signals the eyelids to drop down if something may cause direct harm to the eyes. By using contact lenses you teach your eyes to ignore the natural Cornia reflex. This may harm the eye’s response to corneal reflex.

**It is suggested to keep the use of lenses to a minimum.

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There could be many other effects of wearing contact lens everyday. So the idea behind this blog is to inform people not to overuse the contact lens. Use them only when they are required.

We all know that excess of anything is harmful. You can use eyeglasses when you are at home, instead of wearing the lenses throughout the day. Never forget to remove your lens before going to bed.

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