Electrolysis hair removal is the process of removing hair on the face and body. This technique is mainly done through a device that destroys the hair with heat energy. For this process, a fine probe is used. One can do it with a chemical process as well as a heat process. In this process, hair is removed directly from its primary source and pulled out with a probe that feels like a tweezer. This probe removes all the hairs on the body. The process can be done on the face as well. It will feel like a million needlessly inserted into your face. 

Many want to remove unwanted hair on their eyebrows, abdomen, thighs, breasts, and legs. However, after this technique, you can feel redness and swell around the operated area for some time. In this blog, we will find out about benefits and side effects of Electrolysis hair removal.

Electrolysis for hair removal

Electrolysis uses the heating up of hair follicles or completely removing the hair follicle with chemicals. Next, the technician inserts a tiny probe that feels like a tweezer is used to pluck hairs. This probe is zapped with electricity to remove hair follicles.

After that, A dermatologist can remove the hair from the skin with this probe. This technique helps kill the cells in the hair follicle and eliminate the cells in the hair present on the skin. 

What are different types of electrolytic processes?

  1. Thermolysis: The fastest and most minor painful process is thermolysis, And it is used to localize the heat to destroy the follicle via the probe.
  2. Galvani: The least common and most painful method of removing hair. This type is done through an electric current, and a chemical process is inserted in the hair follicle.
  3. Both thermolysis and Galvanic process: Some people prefer using a mix of both types to remove their straight and curvy hairs.

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What are the benefits of Electrolysis hair removal? 

Electrologists can offer any of these types to people who expect complete and permanent hair removal. But this is entirely dependent on the patients. So keep the dermatologist’s benefits and reputation in mind while taking up the appointment. The significant advantage is clean skin with fewer chances of getting hair back. 

These are the known benefits of the process of electrolysis.

  • It is a hair removal process that prevents hair regrowth by completely removing the hair from its roots. 
  • It removes hair follicles from the sources and prevents new hairs from growing. 
  • This technique can also lead to eliminating or falling out of already-grown hair.
  • It provides permanent results
  • It is a versatile process. 
  • It will inhibit the growth of all hair types.
  • It can be performed on all body parts.

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Side Effects of electrolysis for hair removal –

The electrolysis hair removal process is tedious and can take up to one to two minutes for a single hair follicle, which can be a reason for not opting for this process. In any case, it is essential to check the side effects of the electrolysis process.

  1. Skin damage: You can suffer from skin damage if you use this technique at home or by an inexperienced technician. 
  2. Blister: There can be certain blisters on the operated area. Usually, they fade out independently, but it will be best not to scratch or scrub your face.
  3. Swelling: Selling is one of the after-effects of the treatment. It is observed in many cases, but it disappears eventually.
  4. Acne: You can observe a breakout in the skin 5-10 days after the treatment. It is better to use prescribed lotions and cleansers to stop these breakouts.
  5. Burning sensation: there can be a burning sensation in the skin while dealing with the side effects of this treatment. 
  6. Formation of ingrown hair: There can be ingrown hairs after the treatment if the hair follicle has not been eradicated.

You can minimize these side effects of electrolysis for hair removal by seeking consulting a certified dermatologist. 

FAQs –

What are the disadvantages of the electrolysis technique?

The process of electrolysis is performed over two or more sessions. It is a very tedious process and requires a lot of areas that cannot be covered in one session. However, this technique can take you to some visits to the clinic.

Which age is best for electrolysis?

Electrolysis can be performed on every age group, from kids to older people. But it is not advised for kids and older to go through this process as it can be painful.

Can hair grow back after electrolysis?

No, there is no chance of hair growing back if the hair follicles are destroyed. However, a certain amount of hair growth can be possible if a skilled electrologist can perform the initial electrolysis treatments.

What is the success rate of the electrolysis technique?

Skilled electrologists have a success rate of 60-75% and can be roughly higher. There can be a certain amount of regrowth, depending on your growth.

How much does it cost for electrolysis hair removal?

A dermatologist may charge between INR 2,500 and INR 5,000 for electrolysis hair removal. However, The cost estimate for electrolysis may differ based on the location and region of hair removal.

Summary –

The electrolysis process is for hair removal. In which the fair follicles are entirely removed by applying heat or chemicals. This technique is done with the help of a probe. Though it has a very high success rate, there can be chances of hair regrowth and occasional sitting in the clinic. If you observe any side effects of the treatment, like swelling or redness that lasts longer than a few hours, then it is better to check with your doctor.

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