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What to Expect at a Blood Donation Camp

Did you just turn 18? Are you healthy enough to donate blood? The major requirements for a blood donor include the body weight of 45 kgs or more with the hB in normal range. To read about 12 Never Asked Blood Donation Questions, click here. For those of us who are new to the whole blood donation scenario, here are a few things to keep in mind on your first time to a blood donation camp.

How to prepare

1. Have enough fruit juice or/and water the previous night and the morning before you donate blood.

2. Avoid donating blood on an empty stomach. Eat iron-rich food like eggs, spinach, orange, etc, three hours before you donate blood. Avoid fatty food.

3. Do not consume alcohol or caffeine before donating blood.

4. If you had any major surgery, avoid donating blood for approximately 6 months.

During the procedure

Try to relax when the nurse or doctor insert the needle- Take a deep breath. There will be very little pain or no pain. You can try distracting yourself by having a chewing gum or listen to some music or watching some entertaining TV program.

Post Blood Donation

1. Take roughly 20 minutes rest after donation. Avoid driving.

2. Take some snacks and juice with high sugar content, this will help you rejuvenate the blood sugar back up, giving you energy.

3. Have a good high protein meal with content such as chicken, etc.

4. Do not consume alcohol for about 8 hours after blood donation.

5. Also avoid going to the gym, dancing, running etc. at least for next one day.

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