Take this short questionnaire, self assessment test, to evaluate the state of your eye health. Please note this quiz is only for self-assessment and in no way diagnostic in nature or substitute the consultation by a medical practitioner.

It is based on the sign and symptoms highlighted by those experiencing poor vision problems. Answer yes or no for each of the 20 statements given below.

  1. Do your eyes feel tired when reading or doing close work?
  2. Do you get headaches when reading for long time?
  3. Do you find it difficult to read small print of newspapers, magazines etc.?
  4. Do you experience double vision while looking at things?
  5. Do you notice the words blurring or coming in-out when reading?
  6. When you look up from your computer, you are unable to focus on distant objects for a while?
  7. Do you sometimes feel your eye balls drift towards your nose or ears?
  8. When you read, the print looks hanging, unsteady or runs together?
  9. Do you get eyestrain or headaches while driving?
  10. Do you find it difficult to judge how far the other cars are or how fast they are moving?
  11. Do you have trouble seeing road signs clearly?
  12. Do you find the tail lights of the car in front of you double up during night-time driving?
  13. Do you find it uneasy to walk down the stairs?
  14. Do you find the need to go closer to people when they are talking to you?
  15. Do you feel wearing glasses make you look unattractive and affects your confidence?
  16. Do you have difficulty recognizing faces?
  17. Do you find it difficult to use telephone?
  18. Do you get uneasy in bright light or glare?
  19. You always prefer to sit close to the TV for a clearer picture
  20. When people speak to you, they don’t know which of your eye they should look at.

What’s the total number of ‘yes’?

If the total number of ‘yes’ is more than 10, it may indicate you have vision problem that may indicate work performance, reading, learning and physical activities. Please give a call to an eye specialist who can accurately diagnose the condition and give prescription.

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