Eye Vision Problem – Most of the population is somewhere affected with an Eye sight problem, and numbers have really gone up, thanks to the majority of the population now working on their laptops and computers for 10-12 hours a day. Reduction in visual acuity or Eye vision problems cannot be controlled, but it can always be improved using spectacles and LASIK surgery. Both the procedures have their advantages and disadvantages, and most of the time, the ophthalmologist will take a call, based on your medical history and lifestyle.

Eye Vision Problem 

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Spectacles in Eye Vision Problem:

They are the most traditional way of addressing Eye Vision problems and are able to address short sightedness, long sightedness and presbyopia. There have been many advancements in the current times. Progressive lenses allow seeing precisely at all distances, anti-reflective spectacle lenses come ha

ndy while working on the computers for longer periods of times or watching television since they prevent annoying light reflections. 

Photo-chromatic lenses get tinted in the sun or sharp lights thereby preventing an unnecessary UV exposure. Modern technology has enabled them to produce highly-curved spectacle frames as well as innovative coatings making lens materials tough yet durable, making them long term precision vision aids.


  • Easy to wear and manage.
  • Easy on pocket and with modern designs and frames, they don’t look mundane.
  • Modern high-refraction plastic lenses are light in use, so can be worn for longer times.
  • They accommodate the changing vision of the eye and lenses can be replaced frequently.
  • Spectacles act as a layer between eyes and dirt, dust and insects.


  • People with severe vision challenges and gross changes in visual acuity may need spectacles with strong dioptre.
  • Values that can make the eye glasses uncomfortably thick and heavy.
  • Very few materials are able to accommodate temperature differences and may fog up when such differences happen.
  • There are sometimes challenges in making curved lenses which may eventually blur up the vision.

Laser Surgery for Eye Vision Problems:

Another alternative to wearing long-term glasses is getting LASIK surgery done, which provides long-term freedom from glasses and helps address vision challenges. There are a variety of surgeries available, including Femto-LASIK, LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis), LASEK (laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomy), and PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), as well as the minimally invasive ReLEx Smile treatment method. Amongst these surgeries, ReLEx™ smile treatment method from Carl Zeiss Meditec is the latest, while Femto-LASIK is considered the most familiar. The choice of the procedure depends on the physician, not the patient and he decides whether it is possible to perform laser surgery at all. Once confirmed, it is routine surgery, which takes only a few minutes and is carried out on an out-patient basis.

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Eye Vision Care Advantages:

  • Normal vision without glasses
  • Appropriate for people who do not want to wear contact lenses or who cannot wear lenses. 
  • Advances in technology allow addressing multiple vision challenges simultaneously.

Modern laser correction procedures can even correct presbyopia. Laser surgery can be a good solution for people with vision problems who cannot get used to spectacles or who don’t tolerate contact lenses. The dioptre range within which vision impairments can be corrected depends on the procedure used. For instance, ReLEx smile can usually correct short-sightedness of up to minus 10 dioptres. Other requirements are mentioned below:

  • The eye must be fully formed (in general, patients should be over 18 years).
  • The degree of short or far-sightedness (with or without astigmatism) should not have changed within the last two years and,
  • The cornea must also be of a certain thickness. With an experienced doctor, this is a very low-risk surgery.

Disadvantages of Laser Surgery:

  • Laser surgery is an invasive procedure carried out on a healthy organ.
  • It may sometimes lead to dry eyes.
  • There are minimal chances of not getting fully corrected vision, and in rare cases, the need for eye glasses remains.
  • It is a costly treatment.

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