When we were little we would spend time playing in the parks and the parking lots. We did not worry about having to stay safe from the cars, because the cars were much fewer, as a result the levels of pollution were also much lower. However, as we grew, the times changed and we have been getting more and more used to a convenient and comfortable lifestyle. We prefer travelling in cars in place of using public transport and all our items of use and necessity are now processed in huge plants as opposed to the domestic and small scale industries of the yester years. While the growth of the industrial sector is good news for the economy of the country, the irresponsible way of waste disposal by the industrial setups is a growing concern for our health and body conditions.

While in the olden times, it was normal for fully grown adults to get ill and fall prey to issues such as respiratory problems, the modern times have seen growing instance of asthma symptoms in children. This means that the way in which we are treating our planet is directly affecting the future of the world, its children. We are making way for modern amenities and lifestyles but in the bargain we are losing out on our own health as well as the health of the future generations. It is important to sit up and take notice of how a change can be made to the situation to make it a safer place for our children.

One of the first steps should be to identify and understand the causes of asthma. One of the most common causes of the issue is exposure to environmental pollution. Vehicular exhausts in combination with fumes from industrial and chemical setups are some of the highest factors that cause breathing troubles. Another major issue that causes respiratory troubles could be the change in weather and an allergic reaction to pollen or dust. A lot of people may feel suffocated in dusty areas and that is because of their constricted lungs, this is especially prevalent among children.

When you know about the causes of the problem, it may be easy to keep the triggers at bay, but it is also important to ensure that an effective asthma cure is found. The best way to find a cure is to get in touch with a specialist that will help you in identifying the root cause and the solution to the issue.



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Dr. Avni Deshmukh an expert medical consultant in Mumbai (India). Also writer for various blogs about cure, treatment and symptoms of bronchitis, Cough, asthma etc for adults and children.


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