#FreedomFrom Health Effects Of Diwali

#FreedomFrom Health effects on Diwali: Diwali celebrations are extensive and glorious, brimming with sweets, gifts and much more, on the other hand, it has suffocating smoke, intense noises, toxic firecrackers and a bonanza of risks.

#FreedomFrom Health Effects Of Diwali
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Diwali is the Hindu New Year celebrated every year to mark the return of Lord Ram from his lengthy fourteen years of exile. The celebrations are extensive and glorious, brimming with sweets, gifts and much more. This Diwali, along with our vast healthcare services, Credihealth offers you make-believe gift boxes. Imagine that you are offered two boxes - One is full of decorations, board games, tickets to adventures spots and delicacies. While the other one has suffocating smoke, intense noises, toxic firecrackers and a bonanza of risks when opened. Which one would you choose? Though the choice is completely yours, our medical experts suggest you pick the first. Before you decide, let us tell you why. 

The Health Effects of Diwali Festivities

If you live in a metro city, chances are high that you go to the outskirts to seek some calm, as urban areas are congested, polluted and noisy. Top this blend with some firecrackers and you get the perfect recipe for a poor environment. The health hazards caused by Diwali celebrations are enormous. Let's have a look at some:

Hearing Loss

One of the most common ENT problems faced by people during and post-Diwali is an inability or decrease in hearing abilities. The loud noise caused by firecrackers results in this condition. And during Diwali, not one, not two but thousands of crackers are burnt in small spaces. According to medical science, when a sound of more than 85 decibels is exposed to the ears for a long time, this condition can persist. 


Firecrackers come in a range of options. There are ones which cause a small pop sound around you and there are others that shake the earth beneath your feet. Loud and intense sounds can cause a ringing sensation in your ears. This condition is known as tinnitus. It is one of the most commonly reported conditions during this time of the year. Want to know more what is Tinnitus? Read the article - Understanding Tinnitus ( Ringing in the Ear) - Causes & Treatment

Respiratory Problems

Diwali can be a period of pain for patients experiencing respiratory problems, as well as for healthy people. Smoke causes a wide range of respiratory problems. These include upper and lower respiratory tract infection, bronchitis and wheezing, among others. 

Irritation to Eyes

Not just the sound but the heat from crackers is also very dangerous. Long-lasting exposure to the eyes can melt the cornea. Most people suffer from intense irritation and moist eyes. However, firecrackers can cause injuries that may be difficult to repair.

Burns and Injuries

Diwali brings happiness, prosperity and an array of risks. The biggest of these risks are skin burns. Needless to say, crackers are not safe. The material may burst in an unexpected manner and direction, causing burns and injuries. 

Presence of toxic chemicals

If you do not suffer from a visible health condition during Diwali, don't assume that you are completely safe. Firecrackers cause damage to the environment and thus to us. The presence of substances like strontium, magnesium, barium, potassium and copper increase substantially during Diwali. These substances are capable of damaging human bones and causing disorders. 

Psychological effects

There is science-backed evidence stating that extended subjection to crackers leads to the increased release of a chemical called catecholamines. This chemical elevates the stress and blood pressure levels in humans

Precaution Tips

The facts above indicate that a lot of ill effects accompany our Diwali celebrations. But, we are not asking you to forget your joy and sit idle. There are precautions and prevention tips you can follow to have a safe and healthy Diwali:
  1. Wear masks while stepping out of the house
  2. Use air purifiers and stay near air purifying plants
  3. Share cars (carpool) while travelling
  4. Avoid bursting crackers
  5. Wear glasses to protect eyes from smoke
  6. Moisturize your nostrils to filter out components 
  7. Avoid going for a morning walk
  8. Don't indulge in heavy exercises
  9. Don't wear synthetic clothes 
  10. Make sure to have running water available to cool burning sensation 


The festival of lights is meant to spread cheerfulness, but safety should be everyone's primary concern. Consider the above-mentioned conditions and follow the preventive tips to have a blast this Diwali (metaphorically speaking)Read the article - Diwali Health Tips: Healthy Diwali, Safe DiwaliIn case of a medical emergency or more queries, speak to a Credihealth medical expert at +918010994994. 
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