#FreedomFrom Medical Myths

Medical Myths; Freedom from medical myths can shatter major paradoxes. So in our bid to break these myths, we bring to you- Option of talking to a medical expert.

#FreedomFrom Medical Myths
#FreedomFrom Medical Myths
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'So my father's uncle's cousin's friend told me that he is a brilliant doctor. So you should meet him for your cancer.' This is how Indians pass on advice related to medical care. And not only this, most important decision making is done around these lines of advice. Word of mouth drives Indian society is almost all its aspects, including healthcare. 

While you should trust humanity and humans, you should not blindly follow their bits of advice every time, especially when it concerns your health. The field of medicine is extremely delicate to be treated with this approach. These recommendations through viva voice are responsible for many myths that exist in our society today. 

Credihealth understands that these misconceptions lead to poor decisions. So on the occasion of Independence Day, we have taken it upon us to free our society from these complications. Freedom from medical myths can shatter major paradoxes. So in our bid to break these myths, we bring to you- Option of talking to a medical expert.

Real-Life Experience

Himanshi felt a terrible pain in and around her stomach region. She had only eaten half of her lunch when the pain worsened. She spoke to her mother who thought it was gastric pain. She went to a pharmacist and brought medicines for the same. But the pain only intensified as the days passed. Himanshi's mother then asked her neighbor who suggested it could be period cramps. Several days passed but her pain was consistent. Finally, they approached a doctor who suggested some tests. Later it was discovered that Himanshi had kidney stonesHimanshi and her mother sought help from their neighbors. They asked for medical advice from commoners like them. There was a state of confusion and panic that masked their judgments. 

Credihealth Service: Talk To A Medical Expert

For such cases and more, one needs professional help. Medical professionals and experts are highly qualified individuals in their respective fields. Their opinion is based on science, logic and positive outcomes. So for such health-related technicalities, an expert should be sought. This would help majorly to avoid chaos around decision making. Credihealth medical experts are highly competent and can clear all medical queries posed by a person. They can also guide patients to make the right choice of a hospital according to their financial capabilities. Indians face anxieties regarding medical costs and care. While the healthcare industry in India is booming, consumers have not gained confidence. Our medical experts are here to help regain this confidence. For a better understanding and personal peace, we have tailored cost comparison toolas and much more. A person who needs medical help only has to fill a request call back form on Credihealth's website. Our medical expert will contact you and provide customized advice. 
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