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dussehra victory over evil

#FreedomFrom Unhealthy Evils In You – Dussehra Special

Picture this: Effigies in making, sweets being distributed, shops decorated with colourful ribbons, and streets bustling with joyous people. No, it is not a movie scene but that of a festive India. The celebrations are on with only a few days left for Dussehra.

Dussehra – The What, Why and How?

The word Dussehra means defeating the ten-headed demon. Dussehra or Vijayadashmi is a Hindu festival observed majorly because of two reasons-

In North India, Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day of Ashvin or at the end of Navratri. It is believed that on this day, Lord Rama ( incarnation of Lord Vishnu) defeated Ravana (a genius learner and King of Lanka). While in Eastern India, mainly West Bengal and Kolkata, Vijayadashami is commemorated for the defeat of Mahishasura ( a buffalo-demon) by Goddess Durga.

As India is a diverse nation, the celebrations are varied. Predominantly, Dussehra is marked by a ceremony where effigies of Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhkaran are set ablaze. The festival which teaches us the victory of good, over evil, is celebrated as an inspiration from the legendary tale of Ramayan. The spirit is to voice the good overcomes evil.

But how do we participate in this spirit? Or the real question is ‘How do we overcome our evils?’

As our Dussehra special, we will tell you how to beat your modern-day unhealthy demons. So here are the essentials for you.

Modern Day Evils

It may strike as odd but there is a Ravana in all of us, and it is growing with alarming frequency. Ravana in us is the union of our sedentary habits. Our unhealthy routines and way of living symbolise the many evils in us.

Evil 1 – Stress

Stress is the leader of this union. It gives birth to a cycle. Stress leads to unhealthy habits and these habits cause more stress. The way out of this paradox is stress management. One should meditate, develop hobbies, practice breathing techniques and more to ease and keep stress at bay.

Evil 2 – Smoke

Be it secondhand smoke, smoke from flames or the smoke from Ravan Dehan, each is equally fatal. It is one such evil that humans have invited themselves. It is no news that smoking causes a wide range of health problems and pollution. One should quit smoking cigarettes and live an eco-friendly life to conquer this evil.

Evil 3 – Poor Diet

If we look at the eating habits of Indians, we can declare that every day we Indians eat as if it is a festival. With the arrival of food delivery apps and other conveniences, we have exploited our health by ingesting right about anything and everything. An unhealthy diet is the biggest cause of ailments. We have to make slow but adamant changes to our meals to defeat this evil.

Evil 4 – Inactivity

Whether lean or fat, we are all lazy. Gadgets and internet access has fashioned our world so much that we do not need to move to get our tasks done. But little did we know that it may birth another demon – lack of exercise. Inactive and unfit lifestyle promotes the coming of several health problems. Everyone should start exercising to get the better of this aspect.

Evil 5 – Poor Mental Health

This evil is the result of all of the above. Our sedentary living manner has resulted in poor mental health. The state of our mind determines our values, goals, relationships, and so much more in our lives. It makes it all the more important to balance the state of mind as neutral, if not happy. Discussions on issues of mental health should be promoted. Also, treatments should be sought by those in need.

Credihealth Services

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So this Dussehra, celebrate the essence of victory and vow to conquer the evils of an unhealthy lifestyle.

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