It is that time of the year when the popular Indian sweet – Soan Papdi, makes the round of each of our houses. Yes, you guessed it right – we are talking about Diwali. The festival of lights, however, is often celebrated as a festival of danger.

Spare a thought or two towards how you observed Diwali last year. If your celebrations were filled with risky practices, then we suggest that you read on.

This Diwali, Credihealth brings to you DIY Safe Diwali. Tips and tricks on what to do and what to avoid.

Before we begin exploring the much-needed regulations, let’s discover the possible risks of celebrating an unsafe Diwali.

Possible Risks

Diwali has become synonymous to the party of bursting crackers. Besides hugs, sweets, decoratives and gifts, the gala also welcomes numerous hazards in each household. Some of the plausible dangers of Diwali are:

  • Skin burns from bursting firecrackers
  • Injuries from fire or crackers
  • Harm to eyes from smog and smoke
  • Noise-induced hearing loss
  • Mental health problems as a result of crackers
  • Respiratory issues from excessive smoke

The Dos and Don’ts of Diwali

The true sense and spirit of Diwali lie in spending time together. However, these group festivities can cause more jeopardy than joy. Here’s how you can celebrate a safe and sound Diwali:



Choose your attire wisely – wear cotton clothes. Avoid wearing clothes made of synthetic material.
Pick legal firecracker manufacturers while buying. Read all the labels on the packets before bursting.  Do not make firecrackers on your own. Experimenting with bursts can be harmful.
Provide instructions to children on how to use crackers. Do not leave kids and pets alone near crackers.
Make sure you have running water available at all times. Do not try to re-ignite fireworks. Instead, use water to diffuse the half burst ones.
Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Never throw crackers at each other.
Choose an open space while bursting crackers. Do not play with fireworks in closed spaces like rooms.
Ensure to have a first aid kit ready. Do not leave infants unsupervised near crackers.
Always wear footwear while celebrating. Avoid running or walking on grounds where crackers have previously been burned.
Make use of sparklers or incense to ignite crackers. Do not use matchsticks to burst crackers because they have open flames.
Wash eyes with tap water for nearly 10 minutes in case of an eye burn, irritation or injury. Avoid placing diyas and candles near curtains or other inflammable materials.


Your Diwali can be beautiful if you practice the above-mentioned guidelines. Make sure to share this post with your loved ones so that everyone can be safe this festive season.

In case of burns or injuries, rush to medical emergency departments near you immediately.

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