Gastrointestinal infection and bleeding is a painful condition in which the patient experiences extreme pain and disorder in the gastrointestinal tract because of infection or accidental tissue damage. The condition can take serious shape if the extent of damage is critical and will need to be addressed immediately by a doctor. In many cases, surgery is required to suture up the internal injury, failure of which may result in fatal consequences. In this article, we try to understand the main symptoms of Gastrointestinal infection and bleeding so that you can easily detect its presence near and dear ones and take adequate measures to cure the infliction. In this article, we are going to discuss Gastrointestinal Infection Symptoms.

Major Gastrointestinal Infection Symptoms

The major  Gastrointestinal infection symptoms are given below-

1. Severe Abdominal Pain

Internal bleeding can be a terrible experience for the patient as it causes severe abdominal pain, the reason of which is not discernable immediately. There may be pain in the entire GI area with shooting sensations. As a result, it becomes difficult for the patient and the doctor to isolate the cause of pain. GI bleeding is often detected by USG or medicinal response if not through pain in abdomen.

2. Recurrent Constipation

This condition refers to a lack of bowel movement leading to uneasiness in the body and indigestion. Constipation is not unusual in normal patients but those with GI disorders tend to suffer from recurrent constipation that gets noticed within a couple of days.

3. Vomiting

In many cases it has been noticed that the patient experiences unrest and GI disorder, leading to vomiting. In rare occasions such vomiting has happened even in the absence of pain. Frequent vomiting is a sure indicator of GI disorder. However, presence of blood in vomiting is a sure indicator of internal bleeding and needs to be immediately brought to the notice of the doctor.

4. Blood in Stool (Defecation)

The presence of blood in stools is a direct indicator of internal bleeding in GI area. Change in colour of the stools, especially into dark brown or black colour is an indicator of ill health and internal bleeding. Occurrence of black coloured stools should not be neglected and brought to the notice of a doctor soon.

5. Alternative constipation/diarrhoea

As against constipation, diarrhoea is the condition of uncontrolled bowel movements leading to lose motions. Many people are unable to understand what causes alternative constipation and diarrhoea when their food and medication are according to prescribed norms. Usually diarrhoea is considered a result of infection, but it can also result due to internal bleeding.

6. Dyspepsia

Commonly known as indigestion and characterized by belching and irregular bowel movement this is the most common result of gastrointestinal infection and bleeding. It can cause other disorders in patients like anemia, giddiness and weakness.

7. Loss of appetite

Inability to digest food completely leads to loss of appetite as the person experiences a tendency to throw up even when confronted with food at normal mealtimes.

8. Weight Loss

The patient loses weight randomly and feels exhausted for the most part of the day.

Thus, gastrointestinal infection, disease and bleeding are conditions that can lead to painful consequences and need to be treated under strict medical supervision. The patient should not hide any detail from the doctor. Rushing to a doctor can help avoid extreme situations and only then will this malady get treated appropriately.


GI disorders and bleeding need immediate attention from medical practitioners and early administering of medicine can help prevent direly urgent situations on a later date. Severe stomach ache, recurring vomiting, and constipation are the major Gastrointestinal bleeding Symptoms.

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