What to do when the ambulance shows up behind you with lights flashing and sirens blaring on full blast? It is the most common question all riders and drivers ask themselves at some point, but a lot of them when it’s too late.

In the developing country like ours, almost 90% of the time, drivers and paramedics of ambulances in India face hard times maneuvering through heavy congestion on road, constant traffic light stops and other motorists unsure of what to do.

According to a general code of ethics on road, when you see a flashing light or hear a siren of any emergency vehicle and if they are behind you, you must slow down your vehicle and even better to slowly pull over.

Often motorists feel helpless when they are stopped at a red light and an ambulance shows up behind them blaring sirens. Crossing the intersection may cause you to break a law. The best thing a motorist can do is if space allows, move yourself to the side of the road and bring yourself to a controlled stop. Keep in mind the safety of other road users or pedestrians while doing so.

Despite the differing laws in each country, some things are common when it comes to approaching emergency ambulances, either from the rear, front or from the side.

  1. Try not to be panic when you see an ambulance, stay calm and observe your surroundings, traffic, traffic lights, even road signs.
  2. Take whatever action you can take to give a clear way to ambulances but always be safe and legal. If at a red light, you don’t have much space, and entering the intersection is the only way to give ambulance a clear run, then you should do so, but before that ensure yours and others safety.
  3. If you decided to slow down or pull over to the safe side, be aware that other drivers may not have seen the ambulance and wonder why you are slowing or pulling over abruptly and this may cause a chaos on the road. So, always use your warning lights to warn others that you are about to take an unexpected action. Try not to accelerate immediately after the ambulance has passed, make sure there aren’t any other ambulances following along or not any other vehicles are pacing forward at a high speed.

In following all of the above, you may have helped in your own way to increase someone’s chances of survival. Apart from the unawareness of code of ethics related to ambulance, people are also unsure of the general emergency ambulance number in India and about the types of ambulances.

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