Sunday , February 5 2023

5 Surprising Reasons you have a Headache

1. Some Cheese?

Did you know that aged cheese consists of tyramine which acts as a trigger for headache? It can also be found in specific processed meats and drinks. If you love cheese – keep a heads up!

2. Your Baby

Babies are a boon, no doubt about it. But more often than not, all that lifting and carrying your baby around can cause you to have a condition called de Quervain’s tenosynovitis. Described as a stress injury, this can cause pain and swelling in areas  repetitively being used to handle the baby.

Take care of your baby, but be aware of the strain being caused to your body parts. Try using big muscles to lift your child.

3. Don’t skip that meal

Even though you might think its no big deal, skipping a meal causes blood sugar levels to go down. In fact, in some people this can cause major headache before feeling hungry. Keep on snacking on nutritious food throughout the day.

4. It could just be the weather

You may have heard of S.A.D. – Seasonal Affective Disorder that occurs in millions of people across the world during winters. Because of the gloominess and cold, the weather can cause people to feel tired, irritable and even have headaches. r, when the temperature rises, some people may be more likely to get migraines and other severe headache. Distract yourself by arranging a get together with old friends, or going out for a movie.

5. Grinding Teeth!

One of the most surprising reasons grinding your teeth can cause a headache as well as a sore jaw. You might not be aware of your grinding or clenching teeth as it is possible to do so in your sleep. If this is your problem, do see a dentist about it, a mouth guard might be able to fix it!



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