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Why A Good Night’s Sleep Must Be Your Priority

Credihealth Lifestyle

Do you feel tired and worn out during the day? Or irritable lately? Perhaps it is time you have a look at your sleeping habits. How well you feel during …

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World Environment Day: Let’s Live More With Less

Environment Day

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Diet For Type 1 Diabetes Patients

Diet for Type 1 Diabetes Patients

Diet For Type 1 Diabetes Patients have no insulin production in the body and need to take insulin injections daily to maintain their glucose or sugar levels consistently. Sugar levels …

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How To Reduce Thigh Fat in 7 Days Exercise

How To Reduce Thigh Fat

As summer approaches, everyone wants to wear comfortable shorts and dresses. However, fat in the thighs steals one’s confidence. Women are more prone to this issue than men due to …

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Why Do I Get Muscle Soreness After A Workout?


For the longest time it was believed that the soreness one feels after a rigorous workout was because of an accumulation of lactic acid in the body. But science has …

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4 Hangover Cures


The only other thing that can be worse than a hangover is finding out how to get rid of it. There is not a single way to completely eliminate all …

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How to Use V Wash: Detailed Guide

How to use V Wash

We all are addicted to using soap as the major product for cleaning our body parts. It is said medically that if you use soap for your intimate area, you …

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Dr. Rajiv Khanna – Stomach weakness lead to Hernia issues

Credihealth Doctor

Dr. Rajiv Khanna, Sr. Consultant Gastrointestinal, Minimal Access & Bariatric Surgery, Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute, New Delhi talks about Minimal Access Surgery/Pin Hole Surgeries. He elaborates about weakness in stomach …

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5 Super Fast Ways to Lose Tummy Fat


Lots of stress results in the secretion of Cortisol a fat storage hormone. This hormone increases your appetite and cravings for sugar thus leading to weight gain, generally affecting the …

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Health Risk Associated To Teens Using Excessive Social Media

social media usage risk

According to a Pew Research Center study, 92% of teens are visiting the Internet daily; many of accesses it using their smartphone. With just a swipe and a couple of …

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Insomnia Treatment: How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Insomnia Treatment, How to cure Insomnia, what is Insomnia, Home Remedies for Insomnia

It is said that young love is so passionate, it takes your sleep away. So if you cannot sleep at night, love may be a reason. But if you cannot …

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Have cosmetic surgeries gone too far?

Ways to say goodbye to Pimple

In today’s say & age, cosmetic surgery has done away with the taboo and is gaining more and more popularity. So much so that in a research conducted by the …

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Dealing With Family Issues

Family issues

Constant money worries leave you frustrated. Unsupportive parents make you depressed. Arguing or distrustful spouse irritates you. Angry outbursts occur when children don’t listen to you and do their own things. Do any …

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How to Keep Safe in This Deadly Smog

air pollution

Since a day after Diwali, the country is suffocating under a thick layer of smog. It’s been nearly two weeks since Diwali, and Delhi is still suffocating under a thick, …

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8 Best Lip Balm in India For 2023

best lip balm in India

The average person spends more than eighty billion dollars on cosmetics yearly. And this number is always varying on the increasing side as people are experimenting more. They are now …

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What is BBL Surgery? and Why is Brazilian Butt Lift surgery required?

What is BBL surgery, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, butt lift treatment

In 2020, an estimated 396,105 people had BBL surgery. There had been an increase in surgery from 2016 by 19.3%. This is because more and more people prefer having a …

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Difficulty Sleeping? It Might Be Insomnia


If you are finding sleeping at night everyday a task, then maybe you are not suffering from a common problem called ‘ Insomnia ‘.  Under this condition you will face difficulty falling …

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How Much Coffee is OK?


One of the most common beverages across the globe is coffee. It is the go-to drink when you are stressed, have a huge workload to put under the knife or …

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5 Best Yoga Poses for Busy Women

yoga for busy women

Modern women are strong, self-reliant and multitaskers. They can be thought of as the reincarnation of Goddess Durga in modern avatar carrying on with the daily life chores without ever thinking about their …

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Mobiles are ruining your sleep


It’s been a decade since Dr. Greene, a sleep specialist based in the UK, has been leaving his cell phone in his basement before turning in for the night. A high …

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