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#CrediTalk: Heart Health Mythbuster By Dr. Yugal K Mishra

‘Myths which are believed in, tend to become true.’ Simply put, a myth is a fact that is false. And a false fact, especially in the medical field, can have serious complications.And in the era where online models like Whatsapp are the key to communication, these false facts spread at a swift pace.

No one is excluded from the concept of health. So anyone, and thus everyone, who wishes for good heart health should read this post. Through our interactions with our trusted users, we came across several misbeliefs regarding the field of cardiac sciences.

Credihealth aims to educate and empower families about the healthcare system in India. So we think that we have to shatter the stigmas related to clinical specialties. Digging the truth can be complex but not when you have access to the best experts in the field.

So, we went ahead for a quick fact-check with Dr. Yugal Kishore Mishra.

Common Myths About Heart Health Busted By Dr. Yugal Kishore Mishra

Myths have a very long memory. So it is important to address the wrong information as early as possible. The following are some ordinary misconceptions believed and rumored by the Indian population.

Myth 1- It is okay to discontinue medications for hypertension as soon as the medicines show their effect. Further intake of the drugs is not required.

Fact – In most cases, high blood pressure (hypertension) occurs because of primary reasons. These primary reasons are not yet known to doctors.

However, the reasons for secondary hypertension are known. So the treatment is provided to a patient symptomatically. Doctors are unable to treat the root cause and hence there is no ultimate cure.

Hence, medications prescribed by doctors are only meant to control hypertension. These medicines are responsible for maintaining the patient’s blood pressure. If a person discontinues these medicines, the results may be much more difficult to manage. It is advised to continue the medicines for the rest of the lives to avoid consequences.

Myth 2 – Drinking red wine every day can cure any heart diseases.

Fact – No, red wine cannot cure any heart disease. There is no concrete evidence that says drinking wine can cure all kinds of heart issues. It is not true.

Firstly, there are different types of heart diseases. The reference of red wine in this misconception is about coronary artery diseases.

Drinking red wine daily can give rise to other health conditions. These may include ulcers, liver problems, and even myocardial problems. Doctors generally advise patients who drink socially to not quit immediately. It is because there may be withdrawal symptoms and problems.

Red wine should be taken in a certain quantity (only a bit) but not for any medicinal properties. In India, red wine is not very popular. It is also slightly expensive.

Myth 3 – No signs and symptoms mean no cardiac problems.

Fact – It is not true. Since some cardiac diseases seep in silently.

India has a very high incidence of diabetes. If a diabetic person gets a coronary artery disease, the symptoms will not manifest immediately. As a result, diabetic patients land up in a silent heart attack. These types of attacks are rather more dangerous.

On the other hand, if a person who doesn’t have diabetes gets a coronary disease, they will suffer from angina (chest pain).

Coronary artery disease generally has three stages. And in patients, most symptoms surface by Stage 3. By this time, the condition is very poor and the treatment is delayed. If the heart disease is detected in Stage 1, it can be prevented from heading towards the advanced stage.

So if someone in a family has a history of heart diseases, all members must get regular screenings at an early point in time. Diagnosing coronary artery disease during a heart attack is like diagnosing a pregnancy during delivery.

Myth 4 – Children born with congenital heart disease cannot have an active life.

Fact – This is not true. There are mild forms of congenital heart diseases and there is a complex form of the same.

If there is some defect which we can be repaired in time, then the child can have a normal life.

The only condition is the right time of detection. If a simple congenital heart disease is taken care of early enough, the child can lead a normal and healthy life.


With the onset of social media, false facts are spread with a whizz. But debunking these myths has also become easier.

This post has been our attempt to dismiss popular myths in the medical specialty of cardiac sciences. We teamed up with the top expert in the industry – Dr. Yugal Kishore Mishra to limit the popularity of these misconceptions.

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This write-up was contributed to Credihealth by Dr. Yugal K Mishra

About the Doctor

Heart diseases in IndiaDr. Yugal Kishore Mishra is a highly-qualified specialist. He is the Head of the Department of Cardiac Sciences and Chief Cardiovascular Surgery at Manipal Hospitals Dwarka. He is a world-renowned and awarded specialist.

Dr. Yugal received the lifetime achievement award by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He was also bestowed with the Rashtriya Rattan Award. He has been practicing medicine for over three decades now.

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