Home Remedies For Abortion. Is it Safe?

Discover safe & natural home remedies for abortion. Find effective solutions without the need for medical intervention. Read more about herb, food & supplement!

Home Remedies For Abortion. Is it Safe?
Home Remedies For Abortion. Is it Safe?
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What is Abortion?

Abortion is a medical procedure to end a pregnancy that is done with the help of any licensed healthcare provider. Abortion is of two types:
  • Medication abortion: This method utilizes medicines and is therefore called a "medical abortion" or "abortion with pills."
  • Procedural abortion: This method helps to remove the fetus with the help of surgery and is therefore called "surgical abortion."
If you or anyone you know is going through the dilemma of having an abortion or if you are looking for home remedies for abortion, you can consider talking to an expert. Your doctor will provide you with consultancy regarding your doubts. Furthermore, this blog will inform you about 'Are home remedies for abortion safe?' and the benefits of each type of pregnancy abortion.

What are the natural and safe home remedies for abortion?

Many vitamins and herbs are abortifacients (abortion-causing substances). These vitamins and herbs are either taken with a combination of other doses or substances or orally or through the vagina. Important-Although we have given here the list of the substances that may help you with quick abortion techniques or remedies; we do not owe any evidence to these substances. We have seen people practicing these substances. Therefore they have been listed here. Indeed, none of them are scientifically proven; if you want, you may talk to your healthcare provider.

#1. Pennyroyal oil and pennyroyal tea -

Home Remedies for AbortionPennyroyal is the herbal oil or extract derived from the plants belonging to the family of mint and is scientifically known as "Mentha pulegium" or "Hedeoma pulegoides." It is one of the ancient medicines helping to induce periods and abortions.

#2. Black cohosh -

Home Remedies for Abortion
      • Other names like: know this herb
      • Snakeroot
      • black bugbane
      • Rattleweed
      • black cohosh
      • Scientific names are: Actaea racemosa or Cimicifuga racemosa
It has proved to be useful in being used as a medicine for centuries. However, the use may induce fever, irregular periods, pneumonia, cough, and labor and may support reproductive health.

#3. Mugwort - 

Home remedies for AbortionMugwort has its scientific name as "Artemisia vulgaris" and is known to be the indigenous medicine for treating digestive problems, menstrual irregularities, high blood pressure, and stress issues. It is found that its use can lead to miscarriage.

#4. Parsley -

Home Remedies for AbortionParsley and the types of oils drawn from it help to induce abortion. However, it is also proven that taking concentrated parsley can lead to medical conditions like hemorrhage (severe bleeding), neurotoxicity, and death.Also Read: 15 Safest & Natural Home Remedies for Abortion

#5. Important- Over-the-counter medications

Home remedies for AbortionUsing more than the recommended dosage of any prescribed or over-the-counter medicine is never a good idea. Many vitamins and supplements are available for self-managed abortions for women, but they should be taken as prescribed or not in excess. Abortion is the kind of decision that should be judgment-free and give you the freedom to manage your own body in your own rights. Try not to use the methods that harm your life, such as drugs, alcohol, and other self-injury substances.Also Read: Medical Abortion Pills: The Paradox Among Chemists

Other herbs, foods, and supplements for abortion

1. Involving in rigorous activities

If you suspect you are pregnant, you can (at the moment) try to indulge in heavy activities. In short, you can start working rigorously. This will put pressure on your womb or stomach and will make you free from unwanted pregnancy.

2. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice consists of Vitamin C and a Protease enzyme called bromelain, and the combination of these two help to induce miscarriage in the early stage. It is proven that bromelain helps soften the cervix's inner lining and eventually leads to miscarriage.

3. Sesame Seeds

One of the most recommended and safest home remedies for abortion is using sesame seeds with honey. You can soak the seeds overnight and drink the extract in the morning. Else, you can also take a teaspoon of sesame seeds or fry them and add or eat them with a teaspoon of honey.

4. Aspirin Tablets

In general, aspirin tablets are analgesics known to thin the blood for a better menstrual cycle. If you are missing your periods and you doubt that you can be pregnant, you can take at least 4-10 aspirins tables with plain water.

5. A heavy dose of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is scientifically known to increase the production of estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen scientifically induces menstruation. Therefore, vitamin C induces hormonal imbalance and leads to early abortion.

Is it legal to abort a baby in India? What are the rules?

Yes, India is one of the various countries that allow girls to abort a baby under certain conditions. Women can have abortions during their pregnancies within 24 weeks.Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (1971) allows women to abort their babies legally in India. This law also defines the legalities, period of abortion, and the things surrounding or revolving around abortion or similar conditions.Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (1971), or MTP act, enlists the conditions that help to abort the pregnancies for many helpless women. If pregnancy is needed to be terminated within 20 weeks, then the woman may require only the support or suggestion of one doctor. If the pregnancy needs to be aborted within 24 weeks, it requires the opinion of two doctors.
  1. A woman can abort the pregnancy if the pregnancy is posing a threat to her life due to childbirth or if the child is diagnosed with any physical or mental disability.
  2. Under the MTP act, as per the wishes of the women, the women's identity can be kept confidential by the doctors as needed.
Also, the gestation period of 20 weeks can further be extended to 24 weeks, if:
  • The woman is the survivor of sexual assault or rape or incest
  • The woman is minor
  • There is any change in the marital status, such as divorce or widow
  • If a woman is medically found to be mentally or physically ill
  • The woman with pregnancy has fatal abnormalities and can produce a risk to the baby's health
  • If the woman is under the pressure of a natural disaster, any emergency, or any humanitarian setting
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What risks are involved in home remedies for abortion?

Some of the potential risks associated with abortions based on home remedies are mentioned below:
  • Sometimes, you may seek the failure of a process. This may lead to bleeding in case you try to abort the pregnancy.
  • An incomplete abortion is one of the major risks of unsafe or home-based abortion of pregnancies. An abortion is incomplete if part of the content stays in the woman's womb. If the unsafe path is taken, this may demand medical intervention. In the wake of correcting the situation, the woman may suffer from infertility, septic shock, or even death.
  • The insertion of any surgical instrument by any unskilled person can be dangerous for the woman's life. It can lead to the risk of sepsis or can also damage the genital tract.


Home remedies for Abortion can lead to incomplete abortion for any woman if proper precautions are not taken. If there is a partial loss of pregnancy content within 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is called a partial or incomplete abortion. This condition is fatal to the health of women. This condition can lead to abdominal and pelvic pain, severe or moderate bleeding, and contractions. This can be life-threatening, leading to hemorrhagic shock; and severe infection leading to sepsis and other medical conditions.Read this post: How much bleeding is normal after an abortion?