When most people think of CBD, they typically think of it as a dietary supplement. However, it can also be a topical used to treat aches and pains. While it is a highly effective product both as a supplement and a pain remedy, it also has several other very effective uses.

One use of this that is attracting attention is the idea of using it as a skincare product. CBD beauty products combine the benefits of topicals with the nourishment of skincare products.

CBD facial and skincare products allow two different products to be combined into one for an efficient way of caring for and maintaining healthy skin.

So, how exactly are facial and skincare hemp topical products transforming the beauty industry, and why are they suddenly gaining so much positive attention?

What Is the Difference Between CBD Topicals & CBD Skincare Products

CBD topicals are products applied to the surface layers of the skin, typically used for medicinal purposes. Among the most common reasons for using hemp topical cream are alleviating chronic pain, reducing inflammation, and managing skin conditions.

The primary function is to act as a beauty product, focusing on the cosmetic benefits of CBD as opposed to the medical benefits.

This does not mean that skincare products cannot provide medicinal benefits alongside their primary function, but instead that it is not their main intended purpose. Often such skincare products will contain many of the same ingredients found in other beauty products and facial creams, enhancing the effects.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Facial and Skincare Products?

CBD is increasingly being added to beauty and skincare products. It is believed to enhance the effects that these products would usually have while also providing its own benefits.

The primary purpose of most facial skincare products is to provide the skin with deep levels of hydration and nutrients. Dry and damaged skin can be painful and may negatively affect self-esteem. Such creams help keep the skin hydrated so that it looks and feels great at all times.

Hemp plants are also packed with vital nutrients that the skin can benefit from, further enhancing the skin’s healthy glow. Like with the rest of the body, the skin requires vitamins and minerals to maintain good health; many of these compounds can be found in hemp plants and occur in CBD skincare products.

The effects of these skincare products are particularly noticeable in anti-aging creams and balms. Hemp plants are thought to have a number of properties that can help minimize and slow down some of the most noticeable signs of aging on the skin. This has led to the addition of CBD in skincare products being especially noticeable within anti-aging products.

The Health Benefits of CBD Skincare Products

Despite CBD skincare products being predominantly designed to be cosmetic products, they can still provide many of the health benefits found in other topicals.

Swapping from a regular facial moisturizer for one that contains CBD extract benefits the feel and appearance of the skin and can also help minimize other issues within that area of the body.

People are increasingly looking to hemp skincare products as their primary moisturizers to care for their skin and ensure that they receive a small dose each day. Using a full-body moisturizer could positively impact common complaints such as stiff joints and surface-level inflammation.

Can Skincare Products Can Be Calming

One of the main uses of CBD products is to manage conditions such as anxiety and stress. CBD is known for its relaxing properties and can be extremely effective at helping the body mentally and physically unwind.

Often CBD topicals designed to help with stress contain added ingredients, like lavender, chosen to further enhance the calming effects of the CBD. Many of the same natural herbs and plants are also used in skincare products.

Using a CBD facial or skincare product that also contains calming ingredients can allow for the relaxing effects of the CBD to shine through. Nighttime facial creams, in particular, often contain therapeutic ingredients that help with relaxation.

Are CBD Facial Products & Topicals Really Transforming Skincare?

CBD skincare products have been gaining momentum and attracting a great deal of positive attention, but are they really transforming the skincare industry?

While many skincare trends have received a similar level of hype as CBD skincare products, very few actually stand the test of time. However, it seems to be one of the few exceptions to the rule, transforming the skincare industry altogether.

The addition skincare products offers a wide array of benefits while not diminishing those already found within the items. Instead, CBD creams and beauty products increase the number of people to whom these benefits are accessible.

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