How Painful is Having a Baby?

Every woman wants to know - How painful is having a baby? We asked a couple of our New Moms Club members how their delivery was.

How Painful is Having a Baby?
How Painful is Having a Baby?
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We all know that pregnancy is a wonderful journey. But if you are planning your first baby, then you must have one question in your mind - how painful is having a baby? So the answer is yes, it is definitely not an easy task. A pregnant woman passes through a lot of pain, discomfort and faces many body changes for about nine months. But on the top of that, just imagine that you will be sitting with a beautiful bundle of joy in your hands after nine months. Don't you think, this much discomfort is obvious if you are going to have such an amazing outcome? We asked a couple of our New Moms Club members how their delivery was. Here are a few answers shared by them. No pain... it's just worth it when you have love of your life in your arms. - Priyanka Dhand
Its actually the worst possible pain but once you hold your bundle of joy you forget all pain - Khushboo Agarwal Gupta
Its the worst possible... Those uncountable hours are like ages which do not end but as it is said and experienced the pain is worth it because once you hear the first cry of your love all your cries just vanish away! - Gurleen Gaurav Narang
Its worst possible pain to get the best blessing on earth - Nidhi Bansal Mittal
No pain... Sabr ka fal mitha hota h.. After waiting 9 months we got our sweet bundle of joy so it just worth it..I'm in love with this pain I would like to have this pain again and again.. ;) - Radhika Soni
Actually very painful..but as said by all mothers, pain once you have your baby safe n healthy besides you ;D - Jasmine D'souza
It is really painful but once you hold a baby in hand forgot all the pain... that's the best moment n feeling one can never forget.... - Bhavna Dawar
The pain is sweet.....personally didn't face that much baby didn't trouble me much she came fast..... - Ankita Kalpit Sankhe
Crazy pain that turns into no pain when you hear the first cry..hold the lil one for the first time and forever... The first smile and then the million smiles that brighten up life..the pain that brings these priceless moments is surely good pain... - Aniesha Hotchandani Gogi
No pain at all.. mine was c-sec- Poonam Ranchen Kaushal
I felt moderate pain. Felt it after the anaesthesia was gone after my c section, but the pain of getting back on my feet once again was immense. - Anupriya Mitra Bose
Labour pains are the most awaited pains ... Dis is the only gateway to have the world's beautiful creation in your hand... When I was in pain ... I was just waiting to hear my babies first cry... - Taruna Deepak Arora
Worst pain but it's worth it..once we have our lil one in our arms we forget what we actually went through..:) - Shivani Desai Kulkarni

No one can measure the pain... No one can measure the happiness that follows afterwards...No one can measure the tears that flows.. On watching your baby cry for the first time in your doctor's hand... This pain is sweet..unbearable..beautiful..hard and yet in a way its the most precious thing a girl goes through. The struggle your body goes through is beyond imagination.

- Sargam Sharma

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