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yoga asana to enhance stamina

7 Yoga Asanas To Enhance Body Muscle Mass And Stamina


Do you sometimes wonder if yoga asanas are effective in muscle building and boosting stamina? It is not always the most convenient to hit the gym to build muscles or exercise. We have started using yoga as a more holistic approach to exercising. It is beneficial not just for the body but for the mind too. It is easy to practice them at home, and in these pressing times of pandemic, it is a practical and more efficient approach to keeping fit.

Here are a few poses to try to build more body mass:

-Tree Pose – The tree pose, also known as the Vrikshasana, is a standing asana. It’s what you need if you’re looking to strengthen the thigh, vertebral column, ankle, and calf muscles. It also stretches the thigh, shoulder thorax, and inguinal region. 

Additionally, it can also improve the posture and alignment of the body, especially if one spends a lot of time in a seated position throughout the day. The asana also fixes the glutes, legs, core, and back. Besides the physical benefits of yoga, it is also effective in calming and relaxing your mind, helping the mind de-stress and connecting with the body.


  • To perform this asana, stand straight with your feet entirely and firmly placed on the ground, distributing your weight evenly. 
  • Bend one leg, placing the foot firmly against the inner thigh of the other. 
  • Straighten and lengthen your body, then hold, and repeat on the other.

-Dolphin Pose – The dolphin pose (Ardha Pincha Mayurasana) has many different aspects to it. For one, you will find it effective in opening and strengthening the upper body and the legs. The asana stretches the shoulder, calf, arches of the feet, and the hamstring. It also aids in digestion and helps in gaining stability in the body when in an inverted position.


  • You need to start on all fours, placing the wrists under the shoulders and the knees under the hips. 
  • Web your fingers, interlacing them completely. The elbows should distance slightly narrower than the shoulders. 
  • Push onto the forearms pressing into the elbows so the shoulders are lifted away from the ears.

-Plank Pose – The plank pose (Phalakasana) is a core and arm balancing asana. It aims to strengthen the arms, wrists, and vertebral column. It is a simple asana but requires a lot of stamina, providing a full-body workout. Achieve effective results easily with this asana than plank push-ups.


  • Start with the downward-facing dog position. 
  • Then breathe in and bring the torso forward. The arms should be perpendicular to the floor, the shoulders right over the wrists, and the torso parallel to the floor.
  1. Warrior Pose – The warrior pose (Virabhadrasana) is a standing asana. It strengthens the arm, shoulder, thigh, ankle, and calf. The asana also stretches the shoulder, thorax, ankle, thigh, calf, neck, lung, navel, and inguinal region. This pose is composed of opposing alignments, but when movements start synchronizing, it provides a full-body experience

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  • Start by standing straight. The feet should be at least 3-4 feet apart from each other. 
  • Then turn the right foot outwards by 90 degrees and the left inwards by about at least 15 degrees. The heel of the right foot should be aligned to the center of the left foot. 
  • Lift the arms to shoulder height with the palms facing upwards. Turn your head to the right and gently push the pelvis down. 
  • Breathe normally as the body goes down and come breathing in. Breathe out, bringing the arms down. 
  • Repeat for the other side.

-Cobra Pose – The cobra pose (Bhujangasana) is a reclining back bending asana. It strengthens the vertebral column and stretches the shoulder, thorax, and lungs, tones the abdomen improves blood circulation, and reduces stress and fatigue. This is a highly beneficial asana to build muscles. Along with it, you may take the best testosterone booster for men.


  • First, lie on the stomach with toes flat on the floor, soles should face upwards and forehead resting on the ground. The legs should be close together. 
  • The hands should be placed so that the palms are touching the ground right under the shoulders. The elbows should be close and parallel to the torso. 
  • With the support of the hands, pull the torso back off the floor, applying equal pressure on both arms. Straighten your arms and arch your back with the head tilted back, looking up. 
  • Hold the pose for 4-5 breaths. Breathe out while bringing the abdomen chest and head to the floor. 
  • Relax. Repeat.

Chair Pose – The chair pose (Utkatasaa) is a core, standing asana. It strengthens the thigh, vertebral column, ankle, and calf, and stretches the shoulder and thorax. The asana increases muscle flexibility and breathing capacity. It is practiced by many athletes as an alternative to weight squats. The yoga asana also provides quite an intense workout for the thighs. Therefore, you can build body mass. You may want to read through Maasalong reviews to get tips from consumers regarding combining Yoga with male supplements.


  • Stand straight with the feet slightly apart and arms on the sides. 
  • Breathe in, lifting the arms next to the ears. Stretch them straight and parallel. 
  • Breathe out while bending the knees, maintaining the thighs and knees parallel.

-Headstand – The headstand pose (Sirsasana) is an inverted asana. It strengthens the leg, vertebral column, lungs, and arms. This is a very difficult pose to master but can be very energizing and stamina boosting. It might work in conjunction with the best testosterone booster for men. However, if done incorrectly, it can lead to serious injury.


  • There are various ways of performing the headstand. Some of them are the split leg entry and exit, curl up and down entry and exit, and pike up and down entry and exit.


We can see how different yoga asanas can be more efficient in the long run for building muscles, enhancing stamina, and boosting flexibility. The benefits of yoga lean toward supporting male health. However, it is always advisable to consult with a doctor before starting any regime of exercise. Take note, some poses may not be suitable for all kinds of body types and situations.

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