When a baby is less than a year old, they have little or no defense when it comes to contaminants in their food. Several researches suggest that toxins are present in commercially prepared baby foods. As per a report by Healthy Babies Bright Futures (HBBF), out of the 168 baby food tested, 1 in 4 contained heavy metals. The soaring number of lawsuits involving the leading manufactureres such as Gerber and Proctor is another testimony to the growing health risks from commercial baby food. 

Toxic Ingredients & side Effects

It is important to label what food has ingredients that are harmful to children under the age of 3 years old. Many baby foods today contain unhealthy ingredients that may cause stomach aches and other negative symptoms. 

Some toxic ingredients include: artificial colors, synthetic flavors, carminic acid, and sodium benzoate. These additives could be harmful if given to children too frequently, especially during the first six months of their lives when they are still developing.

Even when it’s marketed for babies, food often contains high levels of toxic ingredients. These include heavy metals, and chemicals added that are not meant for human consumption. This is just one way that the industry is killing our world. 

Many of these toxic ingredients have been found in baby food marketed to infants under the age of one. Some of these ingredients have been linked to immune system dysfunction, and neurodevelopmental disabilities. 

Lawsuit against baby food manufacturers

More and more parents are now suing baby food manufacturers for making products without properly testing the ingredients. Although wrongful actions by food companies are not new, these lawsuits tend to be successful because many of the unsafe ingredients that cause auto-immune diseases like eczema and asthma seem to also exacerbate these conditions in children. 

Many infant-related lawsuits have arisen over the past few years due to toxic ingredients in the majority of baby food. These lawsuits are mostly bought by mothers.  Food companies have tried to convince consumers that they are being more careful with the ingredients they use for babies. But according to a new study, it’s time to be skeptical about these claims. 

The study looked through the ingredients of brands on the recommended list by ABA. It was found that even foods advertised as safe still contained certain toxins

If you believe your child has been harmed by the food, you can plan to file a baby food lawsuit against the company or individual responsible for manufacturing the food.

In recent years, a popular food trend is baby food. While some of these products may be 100% natural, many mixtures of organic and inorganic ingredients are expensive to make and use a lot of preservatives. 

This can lead to a host of health concerns for the children who eat these products. There are many food additives that lead to health troubles, from heavy metals to non-natural coloring. In 2009, a case was filed against Gerber on behalf of a customer who had been made sick from consumption of their products.

In 2015, Gerber released a press release stating that they were changing the potentially dangerous ingredients in their products. Gerber also stated that they were going to be turning over responsibility for requests of samples or product removal to customers themselves.


The recipe listings for baby food are extensive. It is difficult to know what parents are feeding their children when they are at home. With the easy-to-search alphabetical ingredient list, it is much easier to determine what foods should be avoided in favor of healthier options.

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