The fundamental reason behind getting married is to develop intimacy, reproduce and build a family. Many people are of the opinion that a marriage is not a marriage if there is no sex involved.

Is it really true?

Is sex all that it takes for a happy married life?

A lot of factors determine a happy marriage and sex is, of course, one of the most important. It is also a common occurrence that the intimacy between the couple weakens as they advance through their marriage and get older. There are a lot of marriages wherein the couple stay together, perform all their duties required by a family but share little or no intimacy at all.

There are a lot of stories of failed marriages due to lack of intimacy and sex.

Benefits of sex

Sex is not only the sharing extreme physical intimacy in bed. Sex has a huge contribution in the development of a close bond between the couple at so many different levels. A stronger bond of intimacy leads to a feeling of trust, faith, happiness, gratitude and joy in a marriage.

Why is sex important?

Sex acts as a catalyst, ultimately enhancing communication between couples to a deeper level and developing an unbreakable emotional bond.

Sex is essentially a connecting experience for couples. The distinct connection that a husband and wife share – of passion, love and romance, cannot be created with a healthy sex life. This might also be primarily the reason why sex is also called ‘love-making’.

Lack of a happy sex life in a marriage leads to sense of disconnect between the couple and this might even lead to a shaky marriage. There are so many stories we hear about couples unhappy with their marriages for a number of reasons varying for physical to emotional disconnect. A marriage devoid of sex keeps both the husband and wife deprived of the intimacy and quality in their marriage.

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