Who doesn’t want a flawless, soft and perfect skin?

A good skin complexion and tone sans the need for any make-up to cover up blemishes. Have you tried enough beauty products but still not achieved your desire? The first thing you have to understand is skin is a mirror to your body. A good blemish-free skin is not just the result of a facial or ‘beauty’ face pack but it requires a balanced lifestyle which can come only over a period of time. If you are stressed and smoking heavily, how many ever expensive creams and packs you apply, the desired skin complexion and tone will always elude you. A beautiful skin is also a manifestation of healthy skin and fit body.

Here are few simple tips that will help you improve your skin complexion and tone:

  1. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. Water helps to flush out toxins from the system.
  2. Eat lots of fresh seasonal veggies and fruits. The best way is to include a rainbow of colors in your plate.
  3. Cut out fried, unprocessed and junk food. Take nutritious diet rich in whole grains, beans, sprouts and cereals.
  4. Keep your face clean by washing once or twice a day with a mild face wash.
  5. Remove makeup before you go to bed
  6. Moisturize your face with a light night cream and give a gentle massage. This will boost blood circulation.
  7. Avoid frequent clean-ups, facials and beauty treatments.
  8. Take a sound night sleep of around 7-8 hours which will help your skin rejuvenate.
  9. Irrespective of whether you are going out in sun or not, apply a daily sunscreen because sun damage happens when you are indoors.
  10. Say no to smoke and alcohol.
  11. If you are stressed, try yoga or meditation to calm your mind and be at inner peace.

There are a variety of safe and proven cosmetic procedures available like chemical peels, laser therapy micro-dermabrasion that can lighten skin complexion and even the skin tone.

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