Dr. Timothy Francis needs no introduction. His name ranks high among the best Chiropractic physicians and Applied Kinesiologists to come out of the U.S.

His journey began at the University of Nevada where he attained a degree in Biology, graduating as an Honor roll student. This feat earned him the Phi Kappa Phi award, an accolade reserved for the top 10% of graduates in the US.

Dr. Timothy holds a Diploma from the American Academy of Pain Management and College of Physicians. In addition, he is also a fellow of The British Institute of Homeopathy as well being a certified Traditional Naturopath and a professional in Behavioral Medicine and Integrative Medicine.

Besides the academic accolades, Dr Timothy Francis is also a recipient of the prestigious Alan Beardall Memorial Award. He remains to be the only person to receive the award four times.

His trade spans the United States, Europe, Canada and Mexico. Besides his practice, he also teaches advanced kinesiology. He has over 30 published papers focused on homeopathy, eye anatomy, and organic chemistry.

Dr. Timothy Francis’ Work

Dr. Timothy Francis is a well-known chiropractor and applied kinesiologist with over three decades of experience. His private practice has largely been based in Las Vegas but has also seen him serve clients in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. He acquired his license to practice in Nevada in 1985.

Professionally, he is known for his unique techniques in applying acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, and Herbology schools of thought in muscle testing.

Besides working as a chiropractor and as an applied kinesiologist, Dr. Timothy Francis has also worked as the chairman of the Syllabus Review Committee and has been a board member for the International College of Applied Kinesiology USA.

Besides his practice, Dr. Timothy Francis has also published over 30 papers. At the same time, he’s also taught and contributed to the field of kinesiology across various institutions in the country. Most notably, he taught and contributed to a joint study for the National Olympic Training Center in Beijing.

One of his biggest achievements has to be his contribution to the field of Chiropractic Kinesiology. Through his publications, Dr. Timothy has opened up a new frontier in how the practice of Kinesiology is viewed.

For example, he has helped tens of patients who previously endured seemingly incurable body and muscle pain find relief. Particularly, his approach to homeopathy has been key to his success.

Volumes of his publications and teachings have revolved around exploring the human’s body healing capabilities.

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Dr. Timothy Francis’s Reputation

The best way to describe Dr. Timothy’s career is solid and enviable. His reputation precedes him. He has been featured a lot of times on Marquis Who’s Who publications. His recognition is as recent as 2017 when he was selected to receive the Albert Nelson Marquis Achievement Award.

Some of his notable inclusions in Who’s Who publications include Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders in America, Who’s Who in the West, Who’s Who in The World, and Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare.

Dr. Timothy’s reputation is further backed by his peers. Over a dozen doctors have expressed their confidence in Dr. Timothy, with several paying tribute to a mentor who’s contributed immensely to the field of Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Robert Ciprian, a chiropractor who once worked together with Dr. Timothy Francis, recalls days when other doctors would seek his services during their study days, describing him as “immensely talented.” He says that even some of the doctors who were teaching them in college would consult him on some topics, something his fellow students found incredible.

Final Verdict: So Is Dr. Timothy Francis Legit?

Absolutely! Dr. Timothy Francis has re-engineered our perception and approach to chiropractic and applied kinesiology. His research and applications in homeopathy, herbology, nutrition, acupuncture, and muscle testing in managing illnesses continue to gain acceptance worldwide.

He has traveled to different parts of the world teaching people about his innovative alternative medicine techniques. More people have embraced his teachings and a growing number actively seek his services.

He has a proven education history that spans over three decades. As well as an enviable education achievement, Dr. Timothy Francis has also won numerous accolades and awards. There couldn’t be any further irrefutable proof that Dr. Timothy Francis has a legitimate stake in the field of Applied Kinesiology.

His practice is further proof of his legitimacy. Dr. Francis has a highly successful history of treating patients whose conditions had proven immune to conventional medicine. He has received praise from patients and peers alike.

Overall, if there is one person who has contributed immensely to Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology, it is Dr. Timothy Francis. His studies, research, and teachings have shaped and continue to shape how people view and approach alternative medicine, specifically applied kinesiology.

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