20 Frequently Asked Questions about IVF

Frequently asked questions on IVF and answered by Dr. Sonia Malik, Director of IVF Centre at Max Hospital in Gurgaon - blog.credihealth.com

20 Frequently Asked Questions about IVF
20 Frequently Asked Questions about IVF
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Dr. Sonia Malik is a renowned Gynecologist and IVF Specialist in Gurgaon. She has executed over 7000 ART Cycles and performs 15-20 IUI Cycles and 20-25 IVF Cycles per month. Thank you Dr. Malik for your support to the New Moms Club: Credihealth Initiative.

I understand that it is assisted pregnancy procedure but when do you know you that you can consider this as an option - When do couples usually opt for IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization was initially started to help patients with blocked tube. Now its use has been extended to patients of long standing infertility, multiple IUI failures, cases of Polycystic Ovarian disease, endometriosis and most importantly men with low or even no sperm count.

I opted for IVF for my first successful pregnancy and I delivered a healthy baby boy one year ago....My query is that how many times can we attempt the treatment, since I want another child...Is is possible to conceive naturally after first IVF?

If you had a successful IVF pregnancy a year back, the chances are that you will succeed in the next attempt too. Do not be wary of the number of attempts. One can safely undergo 6 attempts.  No grave consequences have been reported worldwide even after more attempts.

I have heard that assisted pregnancies often result in multiple births. What is the possibility I will deliver twins?

There is a 10% possibility out of all pregnancies that you deliver twins in an IVF cycle. It depends on the number of embryos transferred during the cycles.

Are IVF born babies weaker than natural born babies?

No, IVF babies are equally healthy as naturally conceived babies. Its a myth that IVF babies are abnormal or unhealthy.

How much does an IVF procedure cost on an average?

The cost of procedure varies from the both indication of IVF and amount of drugs required. Its also varies from centre to centre.

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What is egg donation program? How does this process work?

For women who cannot produce eggs of their own. Eggs from healthy woman can be used to help such woman .Eggs from healthy ,fertility proven woman are mixed with the patient's husband's sperm to make a baby. The Baby is carried by the patient herself.

I am a 33 year old and a mother of a 2 year old. I conceived naturally with a healthy baby. I wanna know how safe is it to go for IVF treatment for twins or triplets. Will all the babies be equally healthy?

IVF treatment has many indications but a will to have twins or triplets is definitely not one of them.

Till what age is it advisable to opt for IVF?

Age is no barrier for treatment per se. However the patient should be young enough to be able to carry a pregnancy and deliver a baby.

I understand that In Vitro Fertilization is not 100% successful. What factors contribute to a higher success rate, is it all genetic or is there something we can do increase our chances of conceiving?

In my opinion the most important factor is the age of the woman. One should no wait further once IVF is decided. The success rate decreases dramatically after 35 years of age. The next important factor is stress.

There can be many factors related to delayed/No Child birth. In what medical abnormalities is IVF the best option? Also, what are the chances of conceiving through In Vitro Fertilization procedure?

IVF is an answer to most of the infertility problems, chances of pregnancy vary with the indication of the procedure (30%-47%)

My cousin is considering going for the procedure but both of us have heard all kinds of stories about IVF being a painful procedure. How true is this?

It is myth that IVF procedure is painful .The only pain being that of a needle prick everyday for 9-10 days.

Are there any serious complications related to IVF? If I have my first child with the procedure, will it in anyway impact my future pregnancies?

As of now, there is no evidence in literature to suggest that IVF has any serious complications.

How safe is IVF? For a woman who is trying out this option for the first time - is it a painful procedure?

It is myth that IVF procedure is painful. The only pain being that of a needle prick everyday for 9-10 days. As of now, there is no evidence in literature to suggest that the procedure has any serious complications.

I am a 32 year old mother of one child born of c-sec. Me and my husband are considering the procedure, but we are both working and share household responsibilities and have been told I will need a lot of rest. I am not ready to take a break from work, do you think I should still go for it?

Prolonged rest is not required during pregnancy the IVF procedure per se, 2-3 day rest after embryo transfer is advocated but not mandatory.

My friend has 3 girls and now she wants a boy. Is this possible with IVF?

Dear Friend, in this era of gender equality law doesn't permit anyone to do sex determination and you should not think about the same.

What is the difference between IUI & IVF?

During In Vitro Fertilisation, the ovaries are stimulated to produce multiple eggs which are then extracted ,mixed with sperms in the lab and mini babies called embryos are created .The embryos are then transferred back to the woman's womb in 5 days .It is highly specialized procedure and its success rate is 45%-47%.

IUI is Intra-Uterine Insemination of sperms. For an IUI, the an experienced gynecologist inserts the best sperms into the uterus at the most appropriate time for fertilization. It is a simple procedure and its success rate is 12%-15%. In Vitro Fertilization is one step ahead of IUI and takes care of even such points in whom IUI facts or is not indicated. If IVF is not successful the first time, how long do I need to wait to try again? One does not need to wait for more than one cycle to get a 2nd IVF cycle done .They can be even done back to back if the ultrasound findings and the hormone levels are in order. I have heard that IVF is a tedious process. What is the average time duration between when you start with the procedure till you actually conceive? IVF is not tedious process at all one needs to be make 3 visits (1st being on second day of menses) egg extraction. The embryo are put back in another visit .Then the patient has to wait for more 16 days to know if she is pregnant. My maami is married for 7 yrs and she is unable to conceive. My mama has done all the tests he found that my maami's one fallopian tube is infected and can't produce eggs...and she doesn't have proper menstruation...what can be done? Hi! your maami should visit a good reproductive medicine specialist and get tests done like baseline hormone profile and an ultrasound. A semen analysis is also recommended for your maama. If a woman has suffered from ovarian cancer, can she still go for the procedure? Yes! Patients of ovarian cancer can undergo the treatment safely if their cancer specialist gives them the clearance. Not all cancers are affected by the hormonal variation that occurs during ovarian stimulating or hormone replacement used during an IVF cycle. As a matters of fact, now-a-days, this procedure is being used to conserve eggs of such woman undergoing ovarian stimulation. Still have questions about IVF procedure? Read understanding IVF treatment for more information.

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