When you get the successful outcome of your IVF treatment, the cost really doesn’t matter compared to happiness; rather, satisfaction. With all due respect to the emotions, the reality is that the feelings cannot get you treatment. For the medical procedures, you require substantial financial support.

Especially when it is about the IVF proceedings, after the years of emotional trauma and still no supportive outcome; it is challenging to deal with the failure of the treatment. It will not only hamper your peace of mind but, the relationship with your better half also get miserable.

At this stage, it gets essential that make your decision wisely for choosing the doctor as well as compare the cost of treatment. You shall be prepared at the back of the mind for the worst. If the first cycle of IVF does not get successful, you shall have a backup for the second time. IVF Price in India is available at an affordable price. It costs around one-fifth of the treatment cost in other countries. Looking for the best IVF Price in India? Get an estimated cost of In Vitro Fertilization in India from our top Hospital – FREE

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Expenses Involved in IVF Treatment in India

The starting cost of the IVF treatment in India is USD 4,500. Any of the countries providing the successful treatment for the IVF procedure, cannot offer the treatment at this range. With the high cost of medicines in other countries, the overall price of the therapy also increases considerably.

Also, the fees quoted by a medical practitioner to perform the procedure in the countries offering the successful process is very high. The doctors ask for a treatment price that is a minimum of eight to ten times higher compared to India. Apart from that, if you talk about the number of IVF procedures performed in a month, then the doctors in India perform the maximum number of successful procedures. It is because there are multiple numbers of treatment centres present in India. One can find the single speciality IVF hospital, as well as the multi-speciality hospital for the IVF treatment in India.

A patient does not have to visit long for getting the procedure done. Once you visit the doctor for consultation, they would find the best day for the ovulation as per your menstruation cycle and decide for the treatment procedure. In short, there is no wait time for the patient; once you are here, you can avail the treatment immediately. However, there can be a preparation time required for the IVF that generally can be anywhere in between 20 to 40 days. The preparation time entirely depends on the personalised fertility condition of the couple.

Now, considering the overall situation of the patient, the cost can increase max up to 6,000 dollars for a patient below 35 years of age, but if the age of the patient is more than that; the cost can be a bit of a higher side.

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Final Words

Do not delay in availing the IVF procedure, if you have been practising the natural conceiving for more than one year. If cost is the concern, IVF Treatment in India can be received within the affordable range. Most importantly there is no compromise in the quality of treatment compared to the price; the success results of the procedure still remain the highest.

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