The joy of getting a good massage on any given day is incomparable. Massages are not just for adults. Babies enjoy the stroke of a gentle hand just as much. Newborn baby massage, however, is different from your regular one.

This week on #LadiesAndBabies, let us tell you about infant baby massage.

What are The Benefits of Newborn Baby Massage?

Well, every Indian knows what magic a “champi” can do. A tender rub-down on stressful nerves has great relaxation benefits. In case, you have a tiny human being, the benefits of a newborn baby massage exceed the zone of calmness.

Here are the top benefits of newborn baby massage:

  • Eases tummy troubles (gastric issues)
  • Affects the infant’s stress hormones in a positive way
  • Relives from teething pains
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Lightens the baby’s moods
  • Braces your bond with the baby
  • Helps stop the baby from crying

How to Give a Newborn Baby Massage?

Babies are new to the room, the house, your world and this. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to grasp the concept of a massage. Unlike feeding, they need to be made habitual with the infant baby massage.

But it is not just the baby who has to do the learning. You, too, have only become new parents. As your share of the learning, you have to master the art of infant massage.

Here are some techniques you should practice while massaging your delicate baby:


Lie your baby down. Gently hold one leg outward. Start from the top of the thigh and run down to the feet. Reverse the motion as one round is complete. Use your thumbs to gently put pressure on the backside of their feet. Repeat the same on the other leg.


Similar to the leg infant massage, you have to repeat the motion of strokes from the top of the shoulder to the fingers and vice-versa.

Place the baby’s head in between your palms gently. Lightly massage the head from both sides. Make tiny circles on the baby’s head and forehead with your fingertips.


Gently push your baby’s chest using your hands. Be as light as possible. Do not put any pressure on the child.


Newborn baby massage for belly has to be done with caution. Lightly move your fingertips in the oval form below the baby’s belly button. Diagonally run your fingertips on the baby’s tummy as if doing the walk with the fingers.


Place the baby on his/her stomach. Start stroking the baby’s back gently in side to side direction followed by up to down.

When Should One do the Newborn Baby Massage?

Now that you know about the infant baby massage, you can start doing it. But you should not just begin with it at any time of the day.

When you have a little one in your life, even sitting has to be done with alertness. The following is what you should take note of while opting for an infant massage:

  • Do not massage the baby when he/she is hungry – this will irritate them
  • Do not massage the baby right after feeding – this may cause gastric problems. You can give an infant baby massage after 45 minutes of the feeding
  • Avoid giving a massage at a very chill (cold) hour – since your baby will be completely naked, he/she may catch a cold
  • Skip the massage if your baby is not responding positively
  • Block the same time for infant massage on all days

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Tips For Newborn Baby Massage

Infant baby massage is very popular in Indian culture. Your dadis and nanis would be more than pleased to know that you are in favour of massaging your baby every day. Here are some tips for you to consider if you choose to give an infant massage:


If you are using oil, choose one suitable for babies. Your baby may put his/her hands in the mouth so the oil must be edible and unscented. Parents most often consider using oil to avoid friction and for its health benefits. Options include vegetable oil, coconut, grape seed, corn and olive oil.

Stroke away from the heart

You do not need us to tell you that your baby is very delicate. You should avoid putting any form of pressure on the baby’s body. While massaging the chest, you should make the rubs move away from the heart. Also do not tickle your baby, just stroke gently.


An infant baby massage is a great time to bond with your baby. You should make the best of this time. Let your baby know your touch better. While massaging, you should sing or talk to your baby to strengthen your relationship.


The newborn baby massage time should also be a good time for you. So light your favourite scented candle, sing your favourite songs, and spend the best time with your baby. You can choose to create an environment of your choice for the infant massage.

The Takeaway

The health benefits of newborn baby massage are visible to the naked eye. As your baby grows, you will be able to notice that your bond with them has toughened. Your baby’s muscles would develop and strengthen, allowing them to be a fit child. They will be in a pleasant mood and tummy problems will be away.

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