Liver Transplant Patient Experience - Rajni Prasad

A liver transplant patient shares her experience of the procedure and how Credihealth managed her entire hospitalization process.

Liver Transplant Patient Experience - Rajni Prasad
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A liver transplant patient - Mrs. Rajni Prasad, shares her detailed experience of the procedure at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi and how Credihealth managed her entire hospitalization process.

A liver transplant is a complex procedure and typically takes between 6 to 12 hours during which surgeons remove the failing liver and replace it with a donor liver. It is a major procedure and surgeons place several tubes in the body to maintain its normal functioning during the process and afterward too for few days.

For Mrs. Rajni Prasad, the team that performed a liver transplant comprised of two experienced surgical gastroenterologists, anaesthesiologists and trained paramedical staff (transplant nurses & support staff). The team of doctors & trained paramedical staff (nurses, dietitian, and psychologist) attended to various needs of the patient after the transplant. After the procedure, the patient was closely observed in the ICU - Pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, etc are monitored at regular intervals. After the surgery, the patient had observed the following
  • Fever
  • Swelling in the body
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Tiredness
  • Bleeding from incision site
  • Pain in abdomen
Blood tests are were done to ensure the effect of the surgery and check the recovery cycle of the patient. The tube in the lungs was removed after a few days. The other tubes in the throat, urinary bladder are also removed some days later. Mrs. Prasad was allowed to take clear fluids after the condition stabilized, followed by soft diet and eventually normal diet. She was made to move and walk around as much as possible, once shifted out of ICU. She was allowed go home 14 days after the surgery. Read more about Liver Transplant procedure. Mrs. Rajni Prasad had used Credihealth services to manage her hospitalization process. After she was advised by her doctor for liver transplant, she needed second opinion. Credihealth helped her finding the right liver transplant specialist for second opinion, getting cost estimates for liver transplant in Delhi from top hospitals as well as managing her admission and discharge processes. She was glad that her family member came across Credihealth while searching on google! [caption align="alignleft" width="170"]Credihealth Credihealth - India's No.1 Medical Assistance company[/caption] About Credihealth Credihealth is a medical assistance company that gives guidance to a patient from the first consultation through the entire hospitalization process. A team of in-house Credihealth doctors helps the patient find the right doctor, book appointment, request cost estimate for procedures and manage admission & discharge processes. Credihealth services are FREE of cost. Share your comments and queries below and we will be happy to guide you through. If you need any Medical Assistance for Liver Transplant in India or want cost estimates from trusted hospitals in India, please share your details
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