Living with arthritis can be painful and discomforting, given that pain and inflammation constantly trouble you and make your daily chores challenging. With proper assistance from an experienced rheumatologist and some lifestyle changes, however you can make sure that you are able to cope with these challenges.

Regular Exercise

Exercise contributes positively and on multiple levels. Not only does it contribute towards improved joint functioning and reduction of inflammation, it also helps in improving mood and boosting self-esteem. Stretching exercises help in easing aches and pains and can support your joint movements, while fitness exercises as walking can help in easing the swelling around joints and contributes to reduced pain and inflammation.

It is advised to seek help from a physiotherapist for any specific exercises like pain relieving exercises based on your current state of arthritis and physical well-being.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is advised for obese patients since that will have less pressure on the joints like knee and hence help in less pain and joint damage. These methods include weight loss, physical therapy, and complementary therapies, such as acupuncture and massages.

Patients need to modify their eating preferences also, cutting down on saturated fats and refined and processed foods and sugars. Eating healthy foods rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber and those rich in antioxidants contributes significantly in cutting down the inflammation and swelling of joints.

Stress and Meditation

One of the primary causes of arthritis worsening post its diagnosis is that most patients are unable to come to terms to it. Having arthritis doesn’t affect the patient much as compared to much thinking and giving up on it. The patient has to understand that with proper support from the doctors and family members, the patient can lead a perfectly normal life.

There are few changes that need to be made a part of the routine. Thinking over and over about it won’t really help but will worsen the situation; stress causes generation of free radicals which are the major contributing factors for inflammation and redness. Arthritis’ symptoms can be treated well with the help of medications, few lifestyle modifications, knowing your limitations and not overdoing them and cutting down on factors that lead to stress buildup. Thinking about it won’t help, working on it would.

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