Lung transplant like all other major transplant surgeries is a careful and thought after procedure, which is done only when all other therapeutic options to treat the patient have not been successful to cure the ailment, or there is irreparable damage. This is mostly done is cases like extreme cases of cystic fibrosis, and COPD.

This will be done after a battery of screening tests that will confirm your eligibility to undergo the surgery. This would involve blood tests, diagnostic tests and current lifestyle practices like smoking. Once the transplant team will confirm your eligibility based on successful review from these tests.

You will then be enlisted on an organ transplant list and on successful match from a donor, you would be advised a date for transplant surgery.

The surgery would be similar to any other transplant surgery; it is performed under general anaesthesia and based on your condition and type of transplant being done, you will be either asked to lie sideways or straight. You would be on a ventilator to check vital statistics and a catheter for passage of urine.  

The pulmonologist will make a small incision on the chest, and the transplant will be carried out. Based on your lung condition and the type of transplant being done, you may be put on a cardiopulmonary bypass machine, which sends blood and oxygen to your body during the procedure.

You need to be pretty religious with your medications post-transplant. Managing medications, therapies and a lifelong care plan would be vital to ensure a successful and lifelong transplant. Immuno-suppressants form vital part of your treatment regimen and should be adhered to, under all circumstances.

Quit Smoking: Any form of tobacco consumption is a strict no no, smoking is completely forbidden. Switching to an active lifestyle would be helpful in managing your lung volume and keeping your lungs in good shape. Practice specific breathing exercises to allow deeper breathing and letting go of free radicals.

Maintaining a hygienic lifestyle is equally important since your chances of getting infection are pretty higher and should be kept to minimal.

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