Manscaping Trend in Indian Men

Manscaping is the term used to describe the act of body hair removal. Manscaping is now in vogue and has become synonymous with being fashionably groomed.

Manscaping Trend in Indian Men
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Many things that were earlier considered as strictly 'for women only' are now being increasingly adopted by men too. In the recent years, men have come to pay attention to personal grooming like never before.

The trend: Earlier, possibly the only grooming regimen men indulged in was a shave, an aftershave lotion and hair gel. But the manscaping trend has been swiftly catching on with the men. Earlier it was only bodybuilders, models and actors who indulged in such beauty and grooming paraphernalia. However, manscaping is now become synonymous with being fashionable and groomed.

What is manscaping?

Manscaping is the term used to describe the act of body hair removal. Researchers have established that around eighty percent women prefer their men to not have hair on the body. Many men, instead of opting for a clean completely shaven look, prefer trimming down the hair to short lengths.

Doing it right

Some men prefer having a well sculpted physique to flaunt their hairless bodies while some men prefer the naturally toned body. Manscaping entails shaving of the areas that have hair growth.

Apply a soft foam or shaving gel and gently shave with a sharp razor. Use a fresh razor every time, pull the skin-tight and drag the razor in the direction of the hair growth. Do not graze the razor on the skin or press it too hard. Scratches and welts on a clean hairless body are not exactly a good sight.

Another method that one can apply is waxing off the hair. This procedure is a little more painful considering that men have thick hair. Waxing off the hair is a long-lasting procedure and reduces the speed of hair growth.

Also, with shaving, the hair that grow back are thicker and blunt while with waxing, the hair is not as thick and sharp. Post the regime, wash with lukewarm water and pat the skin dry with a clean towel. Apply an aftershave lotion or a moisturizing cream generously on the areas to ward off irritation and in-growth of hair.

Things to avoid

  • Do not spray a deodorant or a perfume on freshly shaved skin. Besides inflammation of the skin, it may result in blackening and a stinging sensation.
  • Do not shave the chest and ignore the neck area. It makes the neck look thick and ugly.
  • It is advisable to manscape during or immediately after a shower so that the hair is soft and the skin co-operative. Shaving/waxing on a dry skin may lead to scratches and shave marks.

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