Eyelash Mites: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Mite in eyelashes feed off the skin, dead cells & oil produced in the body. It is natural to have mites on skin. Learn more about causes, symptoms & treatment.

Eyelash Mites: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments
Eyelash Mites: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments
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Eyelash mites may seem unsettling, but you're not alone in finding them bothersome. These tiny cigar-shaped bugs can be found in clusters at the base of eyelashes. These can weird out anyone. But these are normal and usually harmless unless you have too many. These mites, also called Demodex, have four legs with easy-to-grip tube-shaped legs to stick to the eyelashes. You can not see the eyelash mite because they are a third of a millimeter long; seeing them can be hard. All your eyelash mite wants is to eat dead skin and some oil that comes with them. So, they act as natural dead skin and oil cleaners. This blog will examine the causes, symptoms, and treatment for relieving mite in eyelashes.

What are the Causes of eyelash mite?

mite in eyelashesEyelash mites are not trouble-causing mites, and you do not even notice them, but sometimes, too many can live around the eyelashes without causing problems. 
  • Since the eyelashes are surrounded by the nose, eyebrows, and cheeks, the parts that stick out from the eyelashes. 
  • Sometimes it isn't easy to keep the area around the eyes and the rest of the face clean. This can let more mites live in your eyelashes. 
  • You are more likely to have too many eyelashes if you are older or a caregiver. A person with a weak immune system or health problems and medications can also have eyelash mites.
Also Read: The worst food ingredient for the immune systemSome common causes of eyelash mites can be-
  • If you tend to irritate or touch the area around the eyelid. 
  • Touching the eyelids with bacteria in your hands.
  • Making the eyelashes grow in the wrong direction and letting them become loose
  • Making lashes grow with blocked oil ducts in the edges.
  • Trigger the growth of tube-shaped dandruff around the base of the lash.
Many things can cause eye problems, which can result in many eyelash mites within them. This thing can beCauses of Eye Problems
  • Irritation in the eyelids
  • Burning in the eyelids
  • Crusty red edges of the eyelid
  • The feeling of foreign agents in the eyes
  • Irritation inside the eyelids
  • Blurry visions
  • Eye pain
  • Unexplained tears in the eyes
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Are eyelash mites contagious?

These mites are contagious and can spread front contact with other eyes or hands who have them. That may result in close contact with someone with mite infestation on their eyelashes or skin conditions.

What are the Symptoms of Demodex mite in eyelashes?

Symptoms of Demodex Mite in EyelashesIf you think eyelash mites are causing many problems and irritation, you should see the symptoms and look for the redness and swelling around the edges of the eyelids. That will also help rule out the condition that can irritate the eyes. The doctor can also help in several ways, like finding out if the eyelash mite can cause the symptoms. A special microscope with a bright light that slits the lamp can help identify the eyelash mites. Some of the symptoms of eyelash mite can be 
  • Itchiness in the eyelashes in the surrounding skin.
  • Scaly, rough patches around the eyes.
  • Burning sensation in the eyes.
  • Worsening of the skin symptoms like flare-ups, rosacea, and eczema.
  • Advanced symptoms can cause eye inflammation, which can cause other symptoms like crusty eyelashes, sticky eyes, and frequent blinking; over time, this can lead to abnormal eyelash growth.
Symptoms of eyelash mites can only tend to occur if there are already underlying skin conditions like a more significant infestation. In many cases, there will be noticeable symptoms. Demodex can also appear, and then a stronger connection with rosacea exists. Therefore, these mites can be considered by experts due to rosacea.

What are Treatments for eyelash mites?

Mite in eyelashes are not required to be treated if they are not causing any problems, and sometimes getting rids of the eyelash mites can be touched and the 
  1. Eyelid scrubs are available in the drugstore that can trick the mites and help in getting rid of the mites, so you can look for these options for treating eyelash mites.
  2. Tea tree oil can be soaked in a wipe cleanser and rubbed into the closed eyelids and face. Do not open the eyes quickly as it can lead to diluting the oil; if it is full strength, then it can become too strong and harmful for the thin eyelid and the skin to handle.
  3. Cream and ointments: are made from sulfur, permethrin, and mercury oxide. You can spread these over the base of the eyelashes.
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How can eyelash mites be prevented?

The reasonable thing you can do is keep yourself and your surroundings clean; to do that, you can lather up the hair and body with soaps and shampoo each day. 
  • You can also wash towels and sheets with hot water and dry the sheets on high heat. 
  • Never share mascara or any other cosmetic or makeup tools.
  • Wear only non-oily makeup and cosmetics.
  • Wash your face twice daily, and gently cleanse the eye area with water only.
  • Use eyelash wipes daily, especially if you wear makeup or have a lot of debris or oil on your lashes.
  • As needed, gently scrub with baby shampoo and an eyelash brush.
  • You may get eyelash wipes, baby shampoo, and an eyelash brush online.
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When to see a doctor?

Suppose you do not see any improvement despite medical treatments and home remedies. In that case, it can be the right time to see the doctor for further evaluations, and you can see appointments with a doctor in your area, which can result in getting grants if the rosacea and eczema worsen. This can be consulted with a doctor immediately if your symptoms affect your life.When left untreated, these eyelash mites can cause vision problems, leading to dry eyes. You should see the doctor, and there can be changes in the eyes or image, which can just be one of the causes to rule out getting checked with a doctor.Also Read: Eyes inflamed? It could be Blepharitis.Also Read: Who Should Not Have Laser Eye Surgery?


Demodex mites are common when there is a buildup of dead cells around the eyelashes. Mite in eyelashes feed off the skin, dead cells, and oil produced in the body. It is natural to have these mites in the skin at moderate levels. Infestation can cause the mites to get out of control dn can cause uncomfortable symptoms around the eyelashes and yes. When you have a detected eyelash, the mite will be better to scrub or use apple tea tree oil in ointments to clear the eyes of the Mites.Also Read: How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes and Dark Circles

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes mites to get in the eyelashes?

People who have acquired eyelash mites can get in from others who have had it before.

How to treat eyelash Mites?

You can treat eyelash mites by soaking them in warm scrubs and often cleaning the eyes and face daily.

What are the symptoms of eyelash mites?

The symptoms of eyelash mites are itchiness, scaly and rough patches, and a burning sensation in the eyes.

What home remedies are good for eyelash mites?

Applying tea trees and oils and tea tree care or ointments can help relieve eyelash mites.

How long will eyelash mites stay in the eye?

They can live in or near the eye follicle for 14 to 18 days.

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