This is the first time I will be sharing my c-section experience with anyone else besides my family members, of course. It’s been 5 years I am married. And touchwood by God’s grace, I have a really loving and caring husband. Regarding my pregnancy and C-section story…it’s a long story but not unusual as it is very common these days.

I got pregnant for the first time in 2012 (I got married in Feb 2011). Although it was not planned, we were all very happy. But, unfortunately, I had a miscarriage due to some unknown reason. The miscarriage happened after 3 months. I don’t know why people say that the first 3 months are crucial in pregnancy –  I think that every phase is crucial in pregnancy.

I was heartbroken and very sad. But because I have a wonderful husband he gave me the confidence that all will be okay. And he told me that no one is in a hurry nor him or my in-laws. I was happy and thanked God that I had a job to keep myself indulged. Again, I got pregnant in Feb, 2014. We got the news and we all were very very happy especially my mother-in-law. But the past was haunting me badly. I visited Fortis Hospital Gurgaon and consulted Dr Mukta Kapila. (Thank you Credihealth for suggesting me this gynecologist.) Dr. Kapila said that,

What happened in the past is past now, get ready for the present and future. For a women every pregnancy is a new experience.

Slowly and gradually I understood that this time everything will be all okay. God cannot be so unkind with me. I did every possible thing to secure my pregnancy. I was on daily injections (some muscular injections to have a safe pregnancy) and was going to work too. But, again, I got to know that I have diabetes. We all were tensed. But thanks to Dr. Atul in Fortis Hospital, we overcome that problem. However, during in my 5th month of pregnancy, I got chicken pox but I was very positive inside and fought the disease.

I have admitted to the hospital twice for some sugar monitoring also. Finally, the day came, October 10th, 2014 when the doctor had pre-planned my c-section (as I was diabetic) doctor didn’t want to take any chance. All things were scary the OT room, especially with that injection – my heartbeat was increasing continuously. Above all, I was confident because of my life, my support system, was there – My Husband.

He was in the OT room, holding my hand when my daughter Shaina was born… I could see the joy on his face. Thank you, God that all went well with the support of everyone around. – Neha Grover

My daughter is a pre-mature baby. My due date was 15 July. That time, I was waiting for the good news from my cousin. Time changes everything! It was 1st June 2014. In the afternoon, I went to the washroom but a liquid-like substance didn’t stop! I shouted and called my mom and I told her about it. She called my doctor who told her to take me to the hospital. In about half an hour, we reached there.  The doctor checked me and said “Operation karna padega hum baby ko zyada der nhi rakh sakte.” So they operated me and in the evening at 5:49, I was a mother of a cute lil angel my doll, Hannah. At that time, she was so weak. And today she is 1+ year old. Being a mother is precious…I’m loving it – Priyanka Dilbagh Singh

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