Do you consume chocolate as a

…..confectionary to uplift your mood

…..fruit dip for evening snacks

…..topping on dessert such as ice creams or custards

……hot or cold beverage?

You would have heard it’s great to eat dark chocolate because of its antioxidant properties but eating too much chocolate does more harm than good to our health. It’s fine to indulge occasionally but if it happens more frequently then there are side effects  which you should be aware of to keep the devil at bay.

  1. Chocolate is addictive.  Have you ever observed that after eating one square of chocolate you can’t stop at that one square and are left craving for more? This is because chocolate has caffeine which triggers adrenal glands to produce hormones that generates craving and release stress making one feel relaxed.
  2. Kidney problems. High oxalate contentin chocolates can cause stones in kidneys. Also, chocolates are rich in potassium which increases the concentration of minerals in our blood and thus exerting pressure on the kidneys to purify blood.
  3. Excess weight gain. There are high calories and high sugar content which leads to weight gain. Excess weight is associated with many other health problems such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes etc.
  4. Dental problems. High sugar content cause cavities and gum problems. This is a major concern among children.
  5. Gastric discomfort. The caffeine in the chocolate is not good because it is acidic and increases the secretion of acid in stomach causing heartburn, acidity and even stomach ulcer. Caffeine also acts as a bowel stimulant which can aggravate diarrhea or irritable bowel disease.
  6. Lead poisoning. Though chocolates have restricted limits of lead but still the concentration is high for those who consume excess on regular basis. This may lead to vomiting, constipation, behavioral changes, weight loss and slowed growth in children.


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