One of the biggest impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been on our mental health and food habits. Working or studying from home has not just caged us inside four walls but also turned us towards poor eating habits such as binge eating. In many cases, these habits become so much worse that only a professional can help us overcome them.

However, the same pandemic introduced us to the nature of online therapy and healing in our homes with medical supervision. In this article, we will discuss the role of online therapy in navigating eating disorders, how it can help you recover, and where you can get the right help. 

Eating Disorders and Online Therapy

Poor eating habits can be really harmful to your overall body health and can often lead to severe health issues and frequent visits to the hospital. In many cases, the person suffering from such disorders either faced obesity or became severely underweight, experienced intense mental distress, or even consumed toxic food items. Furthermore, these issues are not just harmful to the person suffering but can even cause bad effects on the health of their friends and family.

Nevertheless, seeking help for eating disorders is not that difficult. As COVID-19 brought everyone back to their homes and made the world encounter a new way of working and studying remotely, it also encouraged the already existing trend of “telehealth.” 

Telehealth or digital therapy mediums such as video calling and conferencing have become the most popular methods for seeking professional help for mental health issues. In the case of eating disorders, online therapy is not just feasible but is the right solution to recover the mind from unhealthy habits.

How to find an eating disorder therapist?

If you haven’t been to a therapist before for any mental health cause, then opening up to someone, especially over the computer, can be challenging for you. You might have several questions such as if it will be effective, confidential, or whether it will cure your eating disorders.

These concerns are understandable but the honest answer is, yes. It is helpful and has lots of advantages. By simply clicking at binge eating therapy near me, you can get access to the best recommendations for therapists for eating disorders. 

Also, when it comes to selecting the right online therapy, just make sure that the platform offers you interactive features such as instant email notification about your therapy sessions, availability of scheduling your sessions via phone, chat, or video therapy, and revisiting messages when you log in.

How Does it Help?

According to eating disorder experts, recovery from such disorders is a long-term process and requires constant support from medical professionals as well as family and friends.

In online therapy, therapists stay in contact with you via computers or phone calls and help you in treating several types of eating problems such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, etc. Therapists treat these conditions by making you go through a regulated procedure with several steps that include a pre-contemplative stage, contemplation stage, preparation stage, action stage, maintenance stage, and terminations stage. 

During these stages, therapists reinforce the essential skills to fight such disorders, help you in developing healthy eating habits, and prevent you from a relapse.

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