Bypass or Open Heart Surgery is one of the major operations that are generally performed in the human body. The heart’s muscles, arteries, valves, and aorta are operated on by opening up the chest. During the operation, a heart-lung machine is used to keep the organ’s normal operations ongoing.

Open heart surgeries, in general, are critical in nature and therefore require the patient to take complete rest for speedy recovery. Six to eight weeks is what it takes for a patient to recover from the post-operation phase. This phase requires taking utmost care of the patient, especially the incision, which takes considerable time to heal.

Taking care of the Incision

Keep in mind the following:

  1. The incision should be kept clean and dry at all times
  2. Cleansing of the incision should be done using only water and a mild soap
  3. Diet prescribed should be maintained ensuring patient’s nutrition requirements are met

The doctor should be alerted when:

  1. There is an increased oozing or drainage from the incision
  2. Opening noticed along the line of incision
  3. Warmth and redness felt and noticed around the incision
  4. There is an increase in the body temperature (above normal)
  5. If the patient feels his breast bone move or pop with their movement.

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Daily Activities

It’s best to follow the recommendations provided by the heart specialists from the hospital itself.

In India, the environment is such that, infections can be developed very easily. It is therefore important to ensure cleanliness and hygiene at all times. Max hospital for instance, has nutritionists and therapists, across all major branches in Delhi. to help their patients with diet and activity charts so that they can recover faster and resume normal life. A few notable points during the recovery period are:

  1. Activities should be increased gradually.
  2. Standing in a place for more than 15mins is a strict no-no
  3. Objects heavier than 10 pounds should not be lifted
  4. Heavy objects should not be pulled or pushed
  5. Unless instructed otherwise, stairs can be climbed
  6. A daily walk is highly recommended but under supervision.

Near and dear ones should ensure that no mental stress is caused as the mind is a biggest healer and surgeries such as these usually weaken patients making them sore and moody in their behavior. After all, a family is an individual’s greatest strength.

Have you or your relative ever undergone an open heart surgery? What were your biggest challenges and fears? Share your opinions and thoughts with us.

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