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partial vs total knee replacement

Partial Vs Total Knee Replacement in New Delhi NCR

Partial Vs Total Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement surgery is performed to replace one segment of a knee that has been damaged. The replacement can take place either on the inside, known as the medial part or on the outside, known as the lateral part. This surgery basically aims at removing the damaged bone and tissue in the joint with an artificial implant (prosthetic).

Total knee replacement surgery, on the other hand, is carried out to replace the whole of a knee joint with an artificial joint that is known as prosthesis. During this surgery, the surgeon removes the injured cartilage and bone from the joint and instead places artificial/man-made prostheses.

The symptoms remain more or less the same when it comes to deciding amongst these types of surgeries. The orthopedic surgeon may recommend either of these replacements in case:

  • You have arthritis of the knee and it becomes difficult to sleep at night, carry out the daily chores, and indulge in activities like cooking, bathing, etc.
  • You cannot walk on your own and it’s becoming difficult to take care of your health.
  • The knee pain still persists after undergoing other treatments.

The knee joint replacement surgeries, whether it is partial or total, is generally carried out in patients who are above the age of 60 years. A major contributing factor for the success of these surgeries is that the patients fully understand the nature of the procedure and recovery process.

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