Pediatric Surgery can be a difficult process because it not only affects the child but also the family members. It is important is to prepare yourself and more importantly, your child so they feel less anxious about the anesthesia, medical instruments, surgery and the recovery period. However, like parents all over the world, you are uncertain about the best way to prepare your child for everything. An experienced pediatrician in Mumbai beautifully explains,

The important thing is to provide information, which is at your child’s level of understanding. Children of all ages have shown to cope much better if they know what’s going to happen to them and why it should happen to them. To do so, you must prepare yourself first and start by correcting any misconceptions that you have. If you are anxious and nervous about the pediatric surgery, your child will reflect those feelings as well.

Handling Fears

The biggest fear of children regarding surgeries is that they are extremely painful. You can explain to them that anesthesia will make them sleep deeply which means they won’t feel anything during the pediatric surgery, and once it’s over, they’ll wake up feeling better than before.

Your child needs to know that you will be there for them when they child wake up after the surgery. Their favorite toy can come along too.

Pediatric surgery related fears among young children also include separation from their parents. They also fear needles and knives, mostly because they are painful and might damage their bodies. Give them assurances that the surgery is to correct and rectify an existing problem and not to create a new one.

The fears of 8 to 10 years children, however, go beyond those of younger children. Besides pain and disfigurement, they might also be afraid of missing out on important events, being embarrassed by their surgery, and expressing fear and anxiety. Their fears also include waking up during the operation, and sometimes even not waking up afterwards. As a parent, you can anticipate these fears, but if you can’t, just talk to your child. Tell them that expressing fear is quite normal at any age that even most adults are afraid of surgeries. Explain to them that anesthesia is very safe and that patients never wake up during operations.

On the Day of Pediatric Surgery

On this day, your child can either play with the toys that you bring from your home, or sit with you and be cuddled and reassured during the waiting time. You must understand that parents are not allowed to remain in the operating room during the surgery. However, after the surgery, you will be escorted to the recovery room where you can be with your child when they wake up.

After their discharge, you will receive instructions from the hospital and doctors for your child’s recuperation at home, as well as for a follow up visit to the surgeon. During the process of recovery, there can be times of discomfort and even pain for your child, so it will help if you can to explain that things will get better.

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