People choose different plastic surgeries to enhance their looks. This surgical specialty involves the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. But people often have many queries related to this surgery. So, we decided to discuss this with a renowned Plastic surgery specialist. Credihealth understands your health concerns. So we decided to address some of the key concerns related to plastic surgery through this interview.

Questions About Plastic Surgery In India

To get the right direction, we spoke to Dr. Anshumali Misra from Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Kailash Colony, New Delhi to get some answers regarding Plastic Surgery.

1. Over the last 10 to 12 years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of patients asking for plastic surgery and also in the number of procedures that they are asking for. What has been the trend and progress like? Taking a look past what can you summarise about the industry?

In the past 10 to 12 years, plastic surgery has increased steadily. The increase has been both on the constructive side and on the cosmetic side. The reason for the increase in the reconstructive side is mechanization, high-speed trauma, and an increase in the affordability of patients to achieve reconstructive surgery.

On the cosmetic surgery side, the increase has been because people are more aware of vanity today. The society is conscious of the fact that good looks hold a definite passport to success in certain fields. Today, the society has opened up to many new ventures like modeling. All this has changed the scenario in totality.

So, that has led to the increase in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

2. What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a plastic surgeon in your practice?

The biggest challenge doctors face is the patient’s education. The fact is that the patient is not counseled many times, which leads him to develop a lot of confusion and ignorance regarding the procedures that are required.

Reading on the internet or half-knowledge doesn’t allow the patient to build confidence in the surgeon and sometimes, the expectation is not truly matched. Plastic surgery is a branch which can give you good result provided your expectations are true to the possibilities.

3. Cosmetic and plastic surgery is an exciting field. But on the sidelines, it generates anxiety and fear among patients since it is aimed at changing the way a person looks. What is the potential risk involved in these procedures?

In the right hand, at the right centers, and done for the right indications – there is no risk involved. The risks are as for any other surgeries like anesthesia risks or small infections. But they are a possibility for all surgeries. So, there are no particular risks involved in plastic surgery.

Yes, the surgical procedures have their limitations and realistic expectations by the patient can help doctors achieve very good results.

4. What is the distinctive approach of Apollo Spectra in this field?

Apollo Spectra has been very successful in making plastic surgery accessible, which was considered as an allied branch for the common man. Also, it is a fact that the hospital is a niche hospital, people are easily convinced to come to this hospital. They do not feel afraid like sometimes, one feels while walking into a big hospital.

This set up allowing the patient to feel at home and to talk freely to the consultants and therefore get the best out of the setup and the specialist.

5. Apollo Spectra has been conferred the title of ‘Centre of Excellence’ by Johnson & Johnson for ultra sculpt liposuction. What the steps were taken that led to this accomplishment?

The steps that were taken up popularised the procedure, making it available at a reasonable cost. Therefore Apollo Spectra got more and more patients to undergo this procedure. The procedures were done methodically and systematically with excellent patient safety. Therefore the results were good and the patients were happy.

6. What are the most common queries on the patient’s end in cosmetic and plastic surgery?

When you say the word plastic surgery, what comes in the mind of a common man is that you can change whatever you want in the human body. But that’s not possible. What plastic surgeons can do is make anything appear better.

The surgeons can perform Plastic Surgeries like eye-lid bags, rhino-nose shape, rhinoplasty, lip-shape, breast changes, and fat removal by liposuction.

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This write-up was contributed to Credihealth by Dr. Anshumali Misra.

About The Doctor

Dr. Anshumali Misra

Dr. Anshumali Mishra is an M.Ch Plastic Surgeon with a vast experience in his field. He has been practicing as a Consultant in the Department of Plastic Surgery since 2013. He has worked with many prestigious institutes. His forte includes all kinds of reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.

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