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Post Surgery Care in 5 Steps

Right from the most minor of dental surgeries to the major operations like heart bypass or removal of cancerous growths in the body, surgeries are recommended by doctors only when medications and therapies are not sufficient to cure the disease or in cases of emergencies.

Surgeries might be effective in more ways than one but contrary to popular belief, undergoing an operation is not the last step of recovery but the beginning of the recuperation process. Proper steps have to be taken after any kind of surgical procedure to ensure that the patient does not suffer from a relapse of the problem treated in the procedure. Precautions to be taken after a surgery differ according to the type of the procedure. For example, the steps to be taken after a knee replacement surgery will certainly differ to a certain degree from neurological surgery procedure.

The general steps that one can take to avoid relapse of the problem include:

#1 Rest

 The first and foremost thing that every doctor recommends after any surgical treatment is that the patient should take proper rest for the next few days. Indulging in extraneous tasks could lead to the internal wounds opening up and it may also place undue pressure on the affected organs. The duration of any rest period depends on the procedure a patient has undergone. This period might range from a few days to a number of months depending upon the sensitivity of the organ that has been operated upon.

#2 Follow the medication course prescribed

Every doctor prescribes a course of medicines that usually lasts a certain number of days. A mistake often made by the patients is that the moment they start feeling better, they tend to stop taking the medicines prematurely before the end of the course. Every patient is advised to follow the course prescribed in order to ensure that problems do not recur.

#3 Exercise

It might sound like a contradiction to the first point, but exercising plays an important role in the recuperation process after an operation. Doctors always suggest a few exercises including breathing exercises and a few joint movements. These exercises are very light and do not put any strain on the body. Carrying out these activities keeps the organ healthy.

#4 Diet Moderation

Keeping a check on the food intake is of utmost importance. Food items laced with fats and oils should be avoided altogether. Doctors also suggest that salt and sugar should be avoided or should be taken in very low quantities. Salt is completely prohibited for patients having undergone cardiology procedures. The food items consumed should be rich in Vitamin C and fiber. Water intake should also be increased post surgery to keep the organs completely hydrated at all times.

#5 Regular Follow-up with the doctor

One of the most important steps to be taken is a consistent follow-up with the doctor. Keeping every appointment with the doctor will help the patient in seeking advice as per the different stages of recovery.

When in the process of rehabilitation after a surgery, special care has to be taken to ensure that the patient recuperates without a relapse. The Doctor’s advice needs to be followed and also every course of prescribed medication needs to be taken by the patient.



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