According to an experienced Kidney Specialist in Mumbai, people who already have had experienced the troubling stones in their kidneys, it can happen more than once. If you have had it once, there is about 50% percent chance that it will happen again within 7 years, if you don’t take preventive measures. Hence, it is important to prevent kidney stones from occurring and recurring.

One of our Credihealth patient shares his experience with kidney stones,

If you ever had kidney stones you will understand how unbearable and excruciating the pain is. The pain comes in waves, until the stone passes through the urinary tract and gets out of your body.

To prevent kidney stones, it is very important to know how they are formed and what is their composition.

Kidney Stone Formation

The stones in the kidney are formed when some chemicals become so concentrated in the urine, that they form crystals. These crystals join with each other and form bigger structures (stones) which often make their way to the urinary tract. When the stone blocks the tract and the flow of urine, it causes varying amounts of pain.

Kidney Stone Composition

Most of the stone constitute of calcium with either of the two substances: phosphorus or oxalate. These stones can also create uric acid, when the body’s protein metabolizes.

3 Golden Rules to Prevent Kidney Stones

According to the renowned nephrologistDr Vijay Kher,

When people say ‘prevent kidney stones,’ they mean he prevention of the conditions that help in the formation of the stones.

The prevention of kidney stones is not that complicated, however it takes a certain amount of determination. Tips which could help preventing the conditions which are responsible in the formation of kidney stones:

#1. Water Consumption – Drinking plenty of water dilutes the concentration of urine. Due to this, the crystals are not able to form which results to the formation of stones.

#2. Calcium – Less consumption of calcium may lead to the increase in the oxalate levels which could cause kidney stones. Hence consume adequate amount of calcium.

#3. Sodium – A high amount of sodium might increase the risk of kidney stones from forming as it increases the amount of calcium in the urine. People who are prone, to having stone should avoid sodium.

Apart from this one should also avoid foods which are responsible in the formation of kidney stones, like chocolate, beets, spinach, tea, rhubarb and most of the nuts, which are rich oxalate and substances like cola, which have phosphate.

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