Questions to Ask Before Knee Replacement

Once the patient decides to go for a total knee replacement, one will have to undergo a thorough preoperative evaluation of your health and present physical state suggested by the surgeon. Your suitability for Total Knee Replacement(TKR) will be based on this evaluation. This procedure is very crucial for a successful knee surgery and long term benefits. It is a long review procedure and might take place several weeks before a scheduled surgery date.

Pre-surgery evaluation comprises of overall health review and checkup and helps the surgeon to choose the best approach for the procedure especially in conditions like high blood pressure, blood clotting issues, diabetes, or a cardiac arrhythmia. The patient might have to undergo many blood and urine tests, X-Ray and EKG to overrule any severe complications affecting the heart and the lungs. A thorough review of your medications will also be carried out to understand how to address the surgery.

Once the pre-surgery examination is done, it is essential to discuss any query that will finally affect your TKR. Ensuring you fully understanding the procedure and how it is going to affect your life post-surgery are the major stepping stones to making the most out of the surgery.

Questions about Implant and Surgery:

  • Choice of implant and reasons for opting for it
  • Lifespan of the implant and surgeons skill in handling these devices
  • Advantages and disadvantages of this device
  • Any associated short term and long term complications with the device
  • What kind of surgery will be best for me?
  • Where will the incision be and what will its size be?
  • How long will the surgery take?
  • Is the procedure computer-assisted or manual?

Questions about Risks and Complications

  • What are the chances of contracting an infection?
  • What are my risk factors and what are my chances of developing complications?
  • What kind of surgery it will be and what type of anesthesia will be needed?

Questions about Recovery

  • How long will be my stay at the hospital?
  • How long is the recovery time?
  • How much pain will I have to bear following surgery?
  • When will the pain go away? What can I do to manage the pain?
  • What movement restrictions or limitations will I have and how long will they last?
  • When can I re-start carrying out my daily activities and what activities should I avoid?
  • Will there be follow-up appointments needed? When will the first follow-up appointment be? And how regularly after that?

Here’s a list of FAQs for Knee Replacement.

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