Questions to Ask Before Hip Replacement

Your doctor will suggest a hip replacement surgery after carrying out detailed assessment of your present physical condition and assessing the risk benefit associated with it. Once he assigns a particular date for the surgery, you may be anxious and might need discussion around the surgery to get hold of yourself and going ahead with it, with reassurance. Nonetheless it can be a daunting procedure toPreparing for a total hip replacement surgery can be daunting, given that it is a major surgery and patient might be wary of it. A key to successful hip replacement surgery would be choosing a best surgeon, having a past track record of handling variety of cases with success and a good post operation follow up.

Know thy surgeon

It is very essential to pick a surgeon who would take time to explain the complexities of your surgery and making you comfortable about the facts. You should be able to speak to him about all your anxieties, and queries not matter how simple they may seem. This would essentially establish a bond that will help you build trust on his capabilities leading to better post up healing and rehabilitation.

Know thy procedure

It is good to speak to the surgeon and know about the procedure for hip replacement, and asking him why he thinks this procedure is best suited to you. Ability to answer in a well thought and rational behavior would reflect surgeons deep dive into your case and build your trust. Know his skill set for performing specific surgeries like posterior (“back”) approach and anterior (“front”) approach, finding out which one is best suited for you.

It is also essential to know about the prosthetic materials that are being used for hip replacement. Since they come in different materials like metal, plastic, ceramic or combination and can be attached to your bone using cement or cement less techniques, it is good to know what the surgeon decided has based on your physical conditions and your comfort level.

Knowing what changes you can work upon yourself to make surgery a success are also essential.  Losing weight, quitting smoking and essentially building up some muscles around the hip joint may be beneficial.


It is always good to ask for how long will the pain remain, what all mobility restrictions would be imparted and how long will the recovery take after Hip replacement. Rehabilitation becomes easier when you know the entire procedure well and work in sync with your surgeon in order to make this surgery a success.

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