Nursing agency jobs have become vital for most hospitals as they fill the gaps in nursing positions. Agencies provide short term nursing staff, which are vetted and trained, to make sure that patient care is not compromised due to staff shortages.

Various events such as Brexit and the lack of bursaries have triggered a severe shortage of nurses in the UK. Hospitals are the worst hit as they are constantly working toward filling the nursing gaps. The nursing agency in Boston has come a long way in supporting hospitals to fill this gap. The agency has also ensured that, as a nurse, you get better benefits by working with them. So, if you have been toying with the idea of switching to agency nursing, here are five reasons you should.

1. Flexible Hours

Patients need round the clock care, and usually, nurses are the ones overseeing the patient’s treatment throughout their hospital stay. This means long hours, pulling double shifts, night shifts, and working on weekends and holidays. Not anymore! By switching to the staffing agency in London, you can pick the hours you want and plan your work around other activities in your life, instead of the other way around.

A typical agency nurse’s workweek is 37.5 hours, which allows them to strike a healthy work-life balance. Also, the flexible nature of work allows you to work more when you can. So, if you have no plans for the weekend, you can pick up the weekend shift. What’s more, weekend work pays more. Similarly, you can work night shifts or on holidays, depending on your availability.

2. Career Advancement

The recent paradigm shift in the healthcare industry has seen a closer and direct association between nursing and career advancement. The nursing field has many specialities, and by working with an agency, you can try different fields and pick the one you like to specialise in.

Specialty nurses are quite popular as they are well trained and experienced in treating patients with those diseases. Specialties such as paediatric, dialysis, adult nurse, A&E, etc. are a few of them. Once you specialise in a field, you can advance to nurse practitioner, matron, and management roles like nurse consultant.

Career advancement also leads to better pay. As you shift from one position to another, your pay also increases.

3. Better Pay and Benefits

Another advantage of agency nursing is that the pay is better than traditional hospital jobs. Most agencies follow the NHS bands of salary. These bands vary depending on your education, experience, and specialisation. If you have just become a nurse, and have registered with the NHS, then you can expect to start at band 5 with a salary range of £22,128 to £28,746.

Apart from the pay, the nursing agency in Boston will also provide you with many benefits such as paid holidays, paid training, accommodation, pension scheme, and a comprehensive. If you are an overseas nurse, then they will also refund the cost of the visa, reimburse the cost of IELTS or OET as may be applicable, and once in a year flight cost to visit home.

Apart from these benefits, you have an opportunity to earn more by working on holidays, weekends, and night shifts. Also, depending on the place you work at, you may be paid higher as the cost of living there is higher than in other places. So, the opportunity to earn is endless.

4. Endless Learning

Agency nursing is synonymous with varied work settings and a variety of patients. This means you have the opportunity to continuously enhance your knowledge and clinical skills. By working in different work settings with multiple patients having varied conditions, you gain hands-on training that no college can teach you.

If you are career-oriented, then you probably know how important it is not to become redundant. The endless learning that agency working provides can be a valuable resource towards your career advancement. So, don’t think twice before jumping at the opportunity to work as an agency nurse.

5. Job Satisfaction

Nothing is more gratifying than seeing the recovery of a patient. Nursing is probably one of the few jobs that have the highest job satisfaction. Knowing that you were instrumental in saving a life or making a life better is a reward in itself. The emotional and social work that you do helps make a patient’s life better.

A nurse’s altruism has the most influence on job satisfaction. You choose nursing because you enjoy caring for those who are vulnerable and in need. The emotional support that you provide to your patients’ helps improve the quality of their lives and is extremely rewarding.

Nursing in itself is emotionally rewarding, but there are other factors that need to be considered when making the decision about agency nursing. We hope that the five points mentioned above are reason enough to motivate you to move to agency nursing as a career choice. So, don’t let anything hold you back. Let agency nursing allow you to pursue your passion and give you many benefits along the way.

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