Under the Health Information Technology and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009, medical health providers are required to adopt Electronic batch records software (EBR) because it’s a highly powerful and low cost Pharma specific tool that is one of a kind, pre-validated, and ready to use application that saves lots of time and effort producing, reviewing, and approving your batch records. Despite this order, however, records show less than 80 percent of office-based medical doctors are using a certified EBR system after almost a decade of the law’s passage.

If you are included in the 20 percent of physicians who have yet to adopt the system because you remain unconvinced of its necessity, it is time to take a closer look at what electronic health records software can do to your practice. Below are some of the top benefits of EHR software that may help you to appreciate why you will be better off ditching your paper-based method for this IT-based solution.

EHR software allows the computerization of all patient health information, such as patient demographics, medical issues, prescriptions, progress notes, laboratory results, and medical history, among others. As such, it is easy for you to read everything you need to know about the patient to make an informed decision without leaving anything to guesswork.

Handwritten patient files can be challenging to decipher, particularly if done poorly. There are times when they are not only incomprehensible but lack vital information as well, which can lead to costly medical mistakes like erroneous medication orders. 

One study published in Heart and Lung: The Journal of Critical Care reveals how such blunders caused by poor penmanship can harm patients. The same research also posited that it is only possible to address this problem by using a sound system, considering that it is unrealistic to expect people to maintain good penmanship. EHR software is a system that fits this purpose perfectly.

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It Allows Easy Sharing of Up-To-Date Patient Information

Patients usually visit several healthcare providers in their lifetime, which means there is numerous data concerning their health at various facilities where they received medical care. Apart from the office of their primary doctor, they may have records in hospitals, emergency departments, and similar places.

If you are still keeping paper records, it will be troublesome every time another health practitioner requests your patient’s medical files. You need to make copies and send them through fax or mail. Your patient will also be inconvenienced as he/she will not be able to receive the right care while you are still preparing the documents.

When you use EHR technology, however, you can readily share patient information with a few clicks even if you are not in the office. As a result, you do not only save time and energy, but you also help your patient to get the right care as soon as possible.

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It Streamlines Processes for Better Efficiency and Savings

The use of electronic medical records eliminates unnecessary paperwork and routine tasks, which helps you and your patient save precious time and energy. For instance, if you ordered a lab test for a patient, the results can be forwarded directly to the EHR system for your perusal. 

This approach is significantly more straightforward compared to the traditional process wherein the patient needs to interact with medical personnel and conduct follow-ups before he/she can retrieve the results and hand it over to you.

The advantages mentioned above are clear indications of how the use of electronic health records software can significantly help not only your practice but also your patients, particularly in terms of receiving the right medical care. Successful healthcare providers make use of this system, and it is high time that you rely on this technology as well. Find a reputable software provider and experience the positive difference today.

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