The path to recovery post piles surgery or hemorrhoid treatment is smooth. It doesn’t take much time to recover and resume. It usually last one to two weeks depending on a number of factors, based on the type of treatment received, the severity of piles and number removed. While some discomfort may continue, most of the patients start feeling better three to four days after surgery and continue to improve each day. The patient returns to light activities after one week and resumes all normal activities two weeks after surgery. The awareness about what happens post-surgery and knowing how to deal with it, will come quite handy.

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Pain after Piles Surgery

Pain is usual to post piles surgery; hemorrhoidectomy which involves multiple hemorrhoids is more painful than sclerotherapy, which might treat very few hemorrhoids.  The level of pain depends on the procedure and severity of the piles before surgery.

Your doctor will suggest pain management using several parameters.

  1. Use of OTC medications like ibuprofen helps relieve pain.
  2. A stool softener along with a pain medication helps prevent straining with bowel movements.
  3. Diets that are rich in fibrous foods like fruits, vegetables and salads, contribute to stool softening.
  4. Minimum intake of 3-4 litres of water is advised. Constipation straining and pushing are a strict no-no and should be avoided under all conditions. Activities that involve bending, squatting, lifting or moving from a standing position to a seated position, should be avoided initially. They put strain on the lower part.

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Itching After Piles Surgery

Itching is one of the most common symptoms and is a normal sign of healing in a surgical incision or areas of scarring. The doctor suggests a topical medication depending on the severity of the symptoms and the location of the removal of hemorrhoid. Infection after piles surgery might happen. It is advisable to report symptoms like fever and blood to the doctor.

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