How to Save Kids From Air Pollution?

Although the air pollution poses a threat to people of all ages, it is especially going to be hard for kids to protect their lungs. 

How to Save Kids From Air Pollution?
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It's everywhere in the news. New Delhi has been compared to the infamous air pollution in the city of Beijing, China. Air pollution measures are sky-high and the government is trying to figure out a way to deal with this alarming issue. Meanwhile, the people with tiny lungs, the future of our nation, need protection from the hazardous air. Although the air poses a threat to people of all ages, it is especially going to be hard for kids to protect their lungs. Here, are a few considerations to save kids from air pollution.

Kids Need More Protection

Infants and kids are at a greater risk of respiratory problems, more so because of their not yet fully developed lungs and immune system.

How Air Pollution is Harmful to Kids?

  • Increase in asthmatic symptoms, respiratory infections
  • Decrease lung function, more allergic tendencies
  • Increase probability to get sick more often due to weak immune system

How to Reduce Risk?

Constant checking levels of air pollution and planning daily activities accordingly
  1. Make a habit in kids to drink lots of fluids to maintain a healthy body
  2. Keep a check on your kid's health - monitor respiratory issues and take all measures to prevent long-term/prolonged breathing problems
  3. Bring home these Air Purifying Plants as soon as possible.
Watch Dr. Vipul Mishra, a renowned Pulmonologist in Delhi from Dharamshila Hospital speak about the Predisposing factors leading to lung infection like lifestyle, rise in pollution, cigarette smoking, etc. Unfortunately, pollution levels rise in winters - this being the reason why respiratory problems are more common. According to sources, common respiratory health problems include asthma and even more serious health issues like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) and lung cancer.

Symptoms To Watch Out

  • More than usual sneezing
  • A constant runny nose
  • Nasal sinus congestion
  • Persistent sore throat, body aches, fever, headache and shortness of breath
If these health conditions persistent, do not hesitate to consult a good pulmonologist.
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