Wednesday , March 22 2023
double vision

Seeing double? It might be Diplopia

Exactly, what is Diplopia?

Diplopia in layman terms means “Double Vision”. When the eyes instead of one, perceive two identical images, it may be a case of Diplopia.

What can cause this ailment?

This ailment usually occurs when the extra-ocular muscles in the eyes do not function properly. This causes the eyes to be unable to converge on a single object and although the eyes can still see, double vision occurs.

The most common underlying reasons behind the malfunctioning could range from the everyday and mundane conditions such as sinusitis, migraine and drunkenness to grave diseases such as cancer, brain tumor, damage to the cranial nerves responsible for eye movement and multiple sclerosis.

What are the various types of Diplopia?

Speaking strictly as an ailment, there can be 3 types of Diplopia. These are the following:

#1 Binocular Diplopia

This type arises due to a condition known as “Strabismus”, meaning cross-eyed. This occurs when the two eyes aren’t perfectly aligned with each other.

#2 Monocular Diplopia

This occurs when the person sees more than two images. That is, each eye is affected by Diplopia individually. This is a pretty rare phenomenon. The underlying causes behind this condition can range from a structural defect in the eye to a lesion in the anterior visual cortex.

#3 Temporary Diplopia

Typically caused by concussions, drunkenness or other external reasons, this could also be the ill effect of certain drugs such as Phenytoin and Zonisamide, which are taken for epilepsy.

How to treat Diplopia?

The treatment for this ailment depends on the underlying causes and can vary. Options include, wearing an eye patch, prism correction and surgery.

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